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Ok I'm Dukeandseto, but you can call me Kiba Rose if you like... most people do... Um something you should know about me... I'm not single, I do have a boyfriend and we are going to get married!! I'm not EMO!!! for the 100th freaking time! Just because I wear black and dyed my hair black doesn't make me emo!! jsut because I hate mylife doesn't make me emo!!! I love emo cloths and emo guys but it doesn't make me emo.. I'm not a poser or whatever I'm a real person! I don't need a label!!! save it for soup cans!!! i mean come on!!! I hate people who start bitchy fights with me!! it pisses me off.. and I am not afraid to start fights if u have it comeing! cause I might not start the fight but I will end it! WEll Byes!! Keep Roxen!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

   Long time no update
wow... i havn't updated in forever!!!! i'm always on here just never find time to update... but I'm trying to get so much done at once... i should get sum news posts started... i promise!

~~Kiba Rose~~

xXx... STRAIGHT EDGE 4... NOW!... xXx

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