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Hi....well hi im learning to speak japans native touge so i might use a lot of words that may or may not reconize and dont worry cuz ill have a definition next to it and fer all you retards out there Baka means idiot and im proud to addmit my fine retardation and idiotic manors.having that said i will probly spell every thing wrong so please dont take time out of yer busy day and scold me be cause i probly wont even read it.
well i have another site also and i would very much like it if you visit me there to my name is SadisticAngel or you could just talk to me here if yer to lazy to go there.
well that all i have to say oh! and you adress my by ED cuz thats wat every one calls me they say its cuz i belong in specal ed classes or somethin like that......well bye!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   The Darkness!!!!!!!!!!

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