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so... enjoy my art!
oh, if u leave a comment in my guest book, i'll respond within 24 hrs!!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

   ALRIGHTY guys.
i'm just letting everyone know that i am deleting my account, as i have found new inspiration on dA, and i'm sry to leave everyone here, but i feel bad neglecting you guys, so i'm just gonna go ahead and delete this account.



actually... i might come back as a different user, but you'll never know!! HAHAHAHA!! but ya. probably will.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

HEY PEOPLE GUESS WHAT!?!!? i've actually gotten a hold of a computer while on vacation!! so.... i wanted to tell everyone happy thanksgiving! i almost typed happy birthday... stupid me~^ guess what, one more thing! i'm watchign the princess diaries!! its kinda getting a little boring b/c i've already seen this 90's movie but this one guy in it is SO HOT....

OK, i've made some new pieces of fanart that i am not able to post b/c i have no scanner here, but you know what? that is ok for now.... you know what? i don't even know what i'm typing anymore, so i'm just gonna like...get off now.... bye peeps! i'll see/write to you guys in a few days! namely monday!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

well, not really fishing. i'm going on a week long trip to virginia for thanksgiving! (that's a north american holiday, for those who don't know)

so i'm taking a road trip for 4 of those 9 days i'll be gone, and then.... i won't be on the computer for a while. i just wanted to warn everyone, no i'm not quitting, and no i haven't left you! i'm just on vacation! and i promise that when i get back, i will have at least 3 pictures to upload for you guys! *though they will be done in colored pencil manually, 'cuz i have no portable computer...* TToTT DRUMMERFREAK NEEDS A COMPUTER!!!!!11! lol, here's somethin' funny!:

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

   k, k!

Yosh. (my Bishie)

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K! so drummer-chan created a very special LUVERLY piece of artwork and i have YET to see comments. what is WRONG WITH YOU?!? lol, jk! jk! but it does make me wonder, why does everyone just not bother to comment on stuff? everytime i vote on things, if i have enough time, i WILL comment also. so, WTF, ppl?!? idk, just... comment more! bring your count up to 2,000 or somethin'...


do that.

hey, what are you guys gonna be 4 halloween?!?

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

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i luv this.

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