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A visitor! Hey there, hope you find something interesting here. I try to update once in a while (who am I kidding, I never seem to get to update). If you sign my GB and let me know you were here, I'll come visit you (eventually, can't promise it will be anytime soon)...I visit other sites much more than I update mine ^^

This miscellaneous Hiei picture is dedicated to my sister. She keeps saying I've forgotten about him

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I haven't posted since last July, lol, so long ago. I did an update here and there on my site, so I figured I'd post just for the heck of it. Yeah, so I'm alive and this post is fairly on the pointless side. Yey!

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Thursday, July 6, 2006


Mmm, left over pizza. Lol, I'm on lunch right now so I felt like posting. Watch out, the world may be coming to an end, I'm on lunch before 1. Lol, that's happened maybe 5 times the whole year I've been here.

I really don't feel like working...blah...I just want to go home. All I've felt like doing all day was just watching as many episodes of One Piece as my brain could handle. Its actually been a while since I've watched it.

This radio station playing here is killing me, keeps playing the same 12 love songs over and over. This is why I hate radio, there are so many songs out there, why do they feel the need to play the same ones several times a day.

Well yeah, that's enough complaining for one day, lol. Later peeps!

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Wednesday, July 5, 2006


Nothing really new to update with. Just felt like updating, cause, um, I did, lol.

Anyway, got home from work not too long ago, just relaxing and watching Naruto now. Work sucked today because all the people in shipping had to go on this big delivery. The two people who would usually do it if people are gone are on vacation. So that meant that the rest of us had to go out to the factory to get anything shipped. Yeah, so I was in the shipping department today. Not fun at all. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to be back in the office. Anyway, hope everyone's doing well.

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