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Hello! My name is dreamkitty ^^ (although if this name sounds familiar to those of you who have never met me but seem to know me, it's cause I use the name Dreamkitty-san other places so you may just have seen me before ^^)
*tinierme & gaia

You may have also met my sister before (fushicho-gin)
*amazing chibi artist (deviantart or theotaku you can find her

I tended to get artist block a lot lately so I'm having trouble getting ideas (also it's been a while since I've actually colored my pictures besides just leave them as a sketch)also with school getting in the way and such, I'm having issues =.=;;

Anyways, you may have noticed that there are two manga entries of mine- both of which I have not even worked on for quite some time - -;;; I will attempt to continue on those (although I don't have Mspaint anymore to work on the Bleu Rosse comic- thus I should now use photoshop >:3)
*Bleu Rosse I figured out isn't Blue Cat it's Blue Rose...woops
so most of the translation is all wrong

Besides my laziness, I hope sooner or later I will be free of artist block and attempt to draw more pictures- and upload cosplay pictures to the wolds thing I have

Enjoy ^^

Monday, November 10, 2008

Recommend me for a contest? Post it :D
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Sunday, July 1, 2007

   art requests
Any requests? :3
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