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Sunday, June 5, 2005

KYLE IS DA BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg...he is so sweet!!!!!!omg!!!!!!!!!!!um...*day dreams of kyle*

5 hrs later

*wakes from daydream*...um....where was i?!!!!oh yeah...kyle is sweet..i love him...i love spending time....no wrong thing!!!sorry

right.....OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!damn forgot wot i was going to say...oh well.....bye
*goes back to daydreaming of kyle*

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

i dont feel so good...maybe its cause i had sum major unedable food down my bampis!!!!!my stomach is killin me(not literally tho)
um i have two quotes for to day
1}"if words cant describe anything...use sounds"(...um..that sounds wrong..but it isnt meant to be!!)
2}dont push a trolley with one hand...u may end up nearly killing a cop!!!(this one actually happened yesterday....and..um..well..put it this way im alive and free!!!!!!)

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   TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and MEAN
would some1 like to explain...how in a clean bedroom i can hear stuff rolling of my desk...when theres nothing on my desk?no1?any1?no? oh well.....just me then..thats how im tired stuff kept moving around my room..(it might have been my imagination)but it kept me awake anywayz!!!!!!!......i have very acute hearing...i can hear a lot of things in my bedroom!!!ITS NOT NICE!!!!!!!well at least i dont have it as bad as dreaming pheonix when her bro is home.....isnt that right my friend?yes?YAY!!!!!!

right......not as tired but still tired......OMG!!!!!!saturday morning tv shows are majorly stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um...yeah...um.........sorry...but i like the sound of "um"....hehehehehehehehehe....um...yeah.....um...byez

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Friday, June 3, 2005

REI IS TAKEN.....BY...UM..K...NO HE IS TAKEN MY ME!!!!!!!!!IM TAKEN BY 2!!!!!!!!!!kyle and um..yeah rei...hehehehehe...so ravenfire93...u cant have rei......um..yeah..so..um..yeah...um........meant to say summit else too...oh yeah...U CAN HAVE MAX!!!!!!!!hehehehehehehehahaha...um..is it me..or did that mess up?not just me then..well byez
live long and prosper!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, June 2, 2005

OMG!!!!!!!!!!i now have another thing to say!!!!GUYZ!!!dont u just love em?no?well i do!!!!kyle(this really sweet guy)asked me out....and i said yes.I REALLY LOVE GUYZ!!!!
ok perhaps i hate one!!!his name is.mi..um.bl..no its.'spike'..u didnt think i was going to give his reall name did ya?lol!!!well we used to be real close and then we seemed to argue all the time and then i hit him..he hit me..ya now...and then we stopped talking for a while..the we startred talking for a while..now we r drifting apart again

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

   GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hehehehehe..im in such a good mood for some unknown reason..perhaps its cause ive just had sum money....or that im talking to 5 of my best m8s on hp.com...or both...um both i think!!
well how are you all?gdgdgdgdgd!!!
well...star wars is great!!!!anakin is so sexy when he is fighting!!!um...chicken noodles with cranberry sauce...um....just an outburst for no reason!!!
dreaming phoenix!!!what may i ask do you see in mokeys???i thought that dodo's and butterflys were more your thing?!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

im SO tired!!why? i hear you ask... well for the 3rd time in 3 days i have been woken at 4:30 IN THE MORNING PEOPLE!!!! and asked what day it is,what time it is and am i coming out!!!!!!!so thanks to a certain person(the name i will not say)i am in a fricking chicken flavoured ice cream soda pop mood....sorry if that makes no sense but im really tired!!!!! right..i have some thing else to complain about!!!!!!
its half term for son of a mermaid,chicken lollypop,sake!!!children dont wanna watch home improvement shows!!!they want cartoons and films!!!!!!!!!and why do welsh programmes for little kids..make BEYBLADE characters sound gay?no1?nope? ok.just me then!!!!!
really sorry if this makes no sense!!!!BUT im in a ranting and raving mood!!!thanks to some person in my area!!!!!!!

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Monday, May 30, 2005

mere mortals,i have just disovered something...that has shocked me!!!!!!it may not shock you..but it did me!!!!MY SCHOOL HAVE PUT MY IN TOTALLY ONE OF THE ROUGHEST PLACES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i knew i hated this place for sum unknown reason...it also happens to be where one of my exs now lives!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!!!!!!im not going..uh huh!!!no way on gods earth am i going!!!!!!my mum cant make me!!!!!...dreaming phoenix..u cant make me!!!!! IM NOT GOING!!!!!!!!!! um....i changed my mind..im going.....just to tell them im not going!!!..um does that make sense?no? oh well.....PEPSI has taken me over again!!!!!

well peace,im outtie...um yeah.."live long and prosper!!!"

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