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Friday, July 22, 2005

OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!SUN BURN IS NOT GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!OW...no one touch me unless you want to die!!!!!!!im in SSSSOOOO much pain!!!!!im not in a good mood now.....wasnt yesterday!!!but in a worse mood now!!!!!!!OW...FUDGE CAKES!!!!!!i just touched my sunburn!!!!!!!OUCH!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

LAST DAYOF SCHOOL!!!!YAY!!!!!!!!!!!*does happy dance*im so happy!!!!!im happy!!!yay!!!!!not long now!!!*looks at watch*not long at all....um...........HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERY1
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

my school doesnt finish till NEXT TUESDAY!!!im so not happy!!but on wednesday..we have to go in anyways to talk to our teachers about our attitude and stuff we did in the year!!!!ITS SO BORING!!!hehe...im bunking today!!(nah had to go to hospital)....but meh...dont care
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Monday, July 11, 2005

HAPPY BIRTHDAY....................D.P
happy bithday to u,squashed tomoatoes and stew bread and butter in the gutter happy birthday to you!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WEIRDO!!(joke dont hit me!!!)

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

lady moonlight
met a girl this morning.her uncle, dad and granddad all survived the london bombings!!!they all missed the bombs by like 10 minuets summit like that.
lucky or what?

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Thursday, July 7, 2005

this is for every person who was killed in todays bomb attacks in london.
may you rest in peace.may your family and friends get justice for you.may you find everlasting peace.may the Lord almighty take you under his wing.
Rest In Peace

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Monday, July 4, 2005

um....totally....bored...so random post
HELLO...BOREDNESS HERE....nah not really tis kitty.....hello...hola del gente de partido!!!(spanish for summit......cant remember)......omg.....kyles back on thursday!!!!
im so majorly grounded........just cause i didnt wash the dishes!!!!!LIFE IS SO UNFAIR!!!

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Saturday, July 2, 2005

steve and jarred!!
right D.P knows about these two!!!dontcha?yes?i know you do!!!
lol..anywayz..she made them cry!!!!!lol...i no i shouldnt laugh...but it was funny!!!!steve and jarred are like my brothers....we're really close...well me and jarred are!!!...jarred is like my agony aunt....he really helped me through some bad patches....and im forever in his debt


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Thursday, June 30, 2005

hello...right the subject of my last post..i have forgotten about!!!(um..well not really...but meh)right..im SSSOOO noty in a good mood!!my school is stupid!my life is messed!my friend...i dunno if we're talking!!!

right im off...im in art...i wanna draw!I WANNA DRAW!!!!!!!!!I WANNA DRAW

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Friday, June 24, 2005

   um...yeah,,the kotex thing
well cause i put "always"..(their things for women things) jaime said i was talking about always ultra(women things)..so i kinda put kotex(another brand of women things)...im so ashamed!!!!!!!it was D.Ps fault coz she wouldnt let me delete it..she knocked the pc of so i couldnt!!!!!lol!!!!1um.....................*red faced*..is it me or is it warm in here
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