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Sunday, March 22, 2009

   Oh snap,

Its been a while sence I've been on Otaku. I long while. School, Family, Friends, and my new puppy have totally got me booked. Though, Spring break is comming up fast I and KARATE CHICK will be writting our new Naruto RolePlay. (Yay!)
I will take a few days to get started. I have to redo my page, so bare with me a bit.

Spring Break is in a week, So, yeah. I and KARATE CHICK will be at the beach, but we'll type up our stories and post them later.

Sorry about the long time no talk. :)

Please feel free to send I and/or KARATE CHICK messages about your ideas on our new roleplay. We want to prevent brain farts. ^_^

Dream Guardian, [SetsunaMiyasaki.]

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