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Dec. 22, 2004-11:42am

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Hi, welcome everyone. I have only one rule(I know it's stupid to have rules but I need PEOPLE!)The rule is everyone MUST sign my Guestbook unless you walk out the back door, then you will not be able to sign my Guestbook. Ok so Now what do I write? Ok I'll talk to you later and for all my fans I LOVE YOU! ;)

Friday, December 24, 2004

I didn't make this quiz but I think its right. I do have a darker side but I can't control the moon...Why?

You are Lunakinesis. You are unique and mysterious
and there is something about you nobody can put
their finger on. You have a dark side that
surrounds you but you have fallen into a dark
hole that you can't climb out of. You can hide
the moon behind clouds and control moon
appearances meaning you can inadvertedly create
wave tides and wreck havoc on the lives of

What magical power do you possess? (Chobits girl pictures) Still in progress
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acutially merry christmas eve! Well lats all I would like to say bye!
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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Dependent:Very High

-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

I belive this test is a 100% right.

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

   My quiz
I made this quiz. It took me a while. Ok there
You are a dreamer angel. You love to fantizize and
dream. Thats pretty much it...

What Angel are you?
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You probably see that I have changed this site...Well I have and I hope you all like it. I want to make a very good change in the new year. I'll try to post more often if I can (since I have a break from school) And please leave coments or critizusim(crap I don't know how to spell) So I'll talk to yaz later.

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Ok, I found this pic on the internet, and I think it looks cool! Could someone tell my from what show she is, or even if she is in a show? Much thanks see ya

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Featured Quiz Result:
this quiz is right im a scorpio and that means my fav planet is ploto(seriously)
You are Pluto... Abuse of Power, Darker side, Spiritual Outlook. You are associated with spiritual changes,
development, and political power. Under the
strong influence of this planet you will
experience rebirth (transformations and
regenerations of both the spirit and the mind). Pluto's energies are intense and when unleashed it
can actually change your entire life, for good
or evil, so much so that you seem caught up in
a whirlwind until the phase passes and leaves a
complete set of new ideas, ideals, or morals
instilled in the very core of your being. It
also has a purifying energy that allows you to
rise to higher levels of awareness. Before this
rise can come about one must consciously seek
to eliminate anything that would hinder you.

What planet do you represent? (Anime Pictures Girls) Please Rate!!!
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hehe i like seto when hes pissed off