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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

   My bg is awesome!
Ok, well, i'm a lil late posting. But...I got to my classes a lil late. Well, I love my bg and pics on my bg...its awesome! ^_^

How was u guys day yesterday? Fine I hope. I have to go to the wake tonight, so I gotta go home and get ready for that...I hope we get home soon..as in, I hope they hurry up and get to my school which..from town is 30 min or so, and then get back to town which adds to an hour and then get to my house...which is another 30 min...*sigh* yeah!

Well, my ppl from NY are coming down, and I cant wait til I see them. I'm totally excited, and sad that its on such a sad occasion. But I get to see them! *dances around*

Well, lemme think, I missed my boys perform on AI (American Idol) last night, I was working on my paper. And, i'm totally mad..I couldve watched them--or rather listen to them..but I guess i'll have to wait until Thursady to see the recap. I hope David A. is safe and Jason C. is safe! ok...well, I guess thats all...Bye!

Faith...that one and only....Chrustmas!


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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hey you guys! How are you all? Fine I hope. Well, I was just stopping by to say hi...and I wanted to check something out for me. Zac Efron...they said that he was found in his apartment in LA...dead...is that true? I mean, I dont think so...but...do u all think its true?

So...yesterday I did nothing. I went and started on my Religon paper...which is due tomorrow at 12pm. *sigh* But...i'll be ok, its only 2-4 pages. ^_^ Um...so, tell me about you all day...and i'll get back at u guys. Bye!


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Monday, February 25, 2008

   Ok, I was just going through a phase!
Hello, today is MOnday...*yawn* February 25, 2008. Today I have two classes, and I get out at 2:50. My classes are back to back, so I wont be on here for that long. Um...I went shopping over the weekend. I got some awesome shirts, they are really cute! I mean, they are. I got a black and silver shirt with butterflies on them, and I got a shirt that says Freedom on it, and it was a butterfly on it, and I have anothe shirt that has Snoopy on it...and then I have a white blazer, and a brown tank! It is a very cute lil tank.

Um...what did u all do over the weekend?

Oh, and I have to go to a funeral on Thursday, someone close to my fam died. And, I am going to the funeral. I shall be updating on Tuesday and Wednesday, but thats all during this week. Well, bye!


How are u guys doin?

So, I heard this rumour that Zac Efron was dead...thats not true, is it?

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   I just might be done with this site...
I really am. I am tired of this site. I dont know why. I just cant keep coming on here. I just might delete it today...im sorry. If I do delete my site...my aim is christmasfaith...hit me up there, alright. Love u guys.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey...I am starting to think you guys dont like me anymore! I mean, whats good? We got beef or something...?

Well, today is Wednesday, February 20, 2008. I am right now...thinking that u guys hate me. Oh, and today is hump day!!! That means, we only have today and two more days left...wel, for me, and some of the college students, have one more day. I am not counting today. ^_^

Well, I did nothing when I got home yesterday. I just chilled...I was like...i'm sleepy. so...I just chilled, and watched American Idol...omg...I am in love with David, Danny, and I forget his name...but he has dreads...hold on i'm going to look it up...ok, I found them, I like David Archuleta..he's so small, and has such a beautiful and mature voice. And, um...I like, Danny Noriega, and I like Jason castro! I like him. But if I had to narrow it down to two, it would be David and Jason.

Ok...so, um...thats all. Oh, and I watched Bones! I love Bones...and I am always missin the new episodes. But...i'll be ok........eventually. Wel, I am going to go and read. I shall talk to u guys later. Bye!

Question of the day:

Who is your favorite rock, r&b, and pop artists?

My answers:

I like Paramore, ChrisBrown, and Jordin Sparks. They are all good!

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