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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

   time has come
time has come it is time has come for all to end. my life my career time for it all to end. the time has come for darkness to take over the madness and the rage to be carried over and to the beyond the time has come. the time has come for the world to end the time has come for me to end.
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Monday, March 31, 2008

aboo did i scare you hope not too bad well im doin just fine but i got fired from my job wensday i've been lookin fer another one but it aint goin too good and im bout to loose my car cause my last pay check didn't come out the way i needed it too but hey im fine and life is good although my relationship with rebekah almost put an end to me she almost left me and if she would've done that i've went crazy but more seriously i would've drove my car over a bridge and drowned and not cared at all i finally made her understand though that ill never let her go if i can help it i know i sound controlling but she is very stubborn and hard headed bout things and it seems that when it comes to things like this that are of importance yoo have to be controlling with her even though i dont like doing it for that is wat happened to me when i was younger o well figured since i have the spare time now id post a little and sorry i left the poems at home but ill try to write one for yall some time today while im here for you guys later


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Friday, February 1, 2008

to all whom visit
hey im fine doin little better but i got two new poems i aint got them with me at the time so i caint postem but i will so stay tuned hehehehe sorry i just thought bout the anime shows i watch allo of say that ya know well later
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Friday, January 11, 2008

hey yall
well things are finally settled down i had to quit datin that guy i told yall bout he got jealous over me and bekah well i got a new poem it is inspired by bekah she saw wat i have been hiding from the world she looked into by eyes and saw the pain i felt in them i bout cried but i just fell to my knees and she ddropped down to her's and held me while i cried so i shall post my newest below this other than that im fine yall?

the pain in my eyes

the pain i hide i hide where it caint be seen to quickly by everybody i hide it in my eyes along with the tears i cry the pain u see is the pain deep down insid eof me the pain is all of the burdens i bear the pain i see all around me i wonder wat can be done to get rid of all of them i have managed to get rid of most of them but they are still there like the death of my ex-fiance quit a few years back we fell in love deeper than any other and then she killed herself on her bed i saw the tape read the letter told the cops there shall be no other but then i think there is you my new lover that is deep and true like mine and hers but there is no comparison mine and her love is deeper than ours i blame myself for her death and hope one day we will be together again...

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Friday, December 21, 2007

umm yea...watever u said -.-??? i wasn't paying u any attention
hey every one *big wave* merry christmas and o guess wat i love you my new black fingerless emo gloves!!!! wooot sorry i know that was random buut i do lovem caint help it so wats new with yall me nothin much me and rebekah is still together and she and were back as close as we were before i told her my secret and yea she knowes my other one she kissed it out of my literally she said she wouldnt stop kissin me untill i told her i said that was fine untill my jaw started hurtin then i told her well thats all for now o and she isnt mad shes really turned on by it well later


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