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Friday, June 24, 2005

GAWD, I'm tormenting myself AGAIN!!! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *walks off mumbling*
Yeah. Okay. So today, I learned some more things about myself.

I get pissed off real easily and I have the tendency to be over-dramatic. I'm also extremely violent and aggressive in nature. And, my eccentric personality just screws everything else up cuz it causes me to see the meaning of things too deeply and go crazy!

Where I learned this? I punched my brother in his back because he was torturing and making my sister cry her eyes out. I thought that that simple punch would merely numb his right arm and knock a little wind out of him. But, no...
Instead, he's been aching on his shoulder blade too. And he frickin' cried too. Gah! I'm an idiot!

Makes me wonder how in the world any being would want to talk to me. It's amazing. Guess I have to say thanks to the little friends I've held on to and beaten.

But, still, Geez!!! I'm such an IDIOT!

Quiz results for the day:

You are a Khaos angel. You are different from all
the rest. You are a special breed of angel,
prone to suffer in the world that you are in
now. No matter how much you try to believe that
your not special, you are. There is alot that
you want to do in this world. Khaos angels are
very dramatic, we tend to have the ability to
cheer people up no matter what the mood, and
hold in your emotions. You should be proud,
Khaos angels are very rare to find in this
world of ours... (and yes. you are a completely
different type. Hence the name

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Serious and Sweet...kawaii!! a very good friend!

What type of anime girl are you?
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My tpye of girl. You're the tough chick or the tom
boy or game boy. You're more of the fighter. A
person that like to pertect. You have a tough
personality and aren't afraid of anything or
what people think of you.

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Dark Beauty!
Dark Beauty! You're mysterious and a riddle for
everyone, and that's exactlly what people
attract to you. You often wear a cold mask to
not show that deep inside your soul is as
pretty as your looks.

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