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Saturday, December 11, 2004

Nighttime. [SSB: Day 1]
^^ Ah well...

During the day, I injured myself to the point where half my body was numb.

It felt oddly good, though, because it was my first major pain in a long time ever since my parents and friends became over-protective.

Anyways, the stupid thing was that I got a bruise that's the size of a sea slug on my hip and a few cuts on my elbow from tripping. Kinda silly, eh?

I told my parents about it. They will find out about it soon, anyways, so why bother hiding?
They were somewhat alright with it and helped me in an herb remedy.

So, I'm gonna experiment something.

This sea slug bruise seems too much to disappear soon so I'm gonna keep track of how many days it'll last.

Sea Slug Bruise (SSB): Day 1

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