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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

   The Bomb Threat At Boardman High School
The words on the background are:

Soft essences were what joined me to you
Upon the pale petals of soft red anew
The death that once you breathe had gone
And yet, your red tears had grown fond
Of the hourly minutes that tick life away
Soon, this red love only became astray
As our hearts began to fall adrift,
These red roses shall hold us in the midst
To keep what little red memory alive
These roses shall never ever truly die

Today, at school, was an exciting yet shaking event.

For the first four classes, everything was going fine: working on classwork, chatting with friends, drawing, and all other else that I do for the day.

It wasn't until the fifth class that things went berserk. After an English test on the book called Freedom's Children, the announcements came on, ordering us to head to our lockers, get our needed materials, and head out the doors towards the middle school across the street.

That's what I did. All of my friends were freaking out. Onizuka was holding onto my backpack and jacket. Kaila was gripping onto my arm and backpack. Tony was holding my arm. I didn't know what was going on so I decided to go to this guy whom I've known. His name is Garret, a guy I had a crush on but later decided that I wasn't worth anything for him. Anyways, he told us that there was a bomb threat at the Boardman High School. Amazing... I was so happy! For the first time, I am in this crowd, experiencing this lucious fear that everyone has! It's so exuberating!

This all good feeling went down the drain after we had found my other friends. I became cloisterphobic. I wasn't one to go into crowds. I began talking to everyone in a loud voice while smiling, hiding how I feel. As we entered the middle school gymnasium, I told everyone not to touch me. They didn't. It was good. Here I am, having a nervous breakdown in the middle of school. If anyone had touched me, I would've passed out.

Eventually, I found more friends to hook up with. Earlier, Ashley was worried about Chiimaru so much. Luckily, we did find him with our friends, Jessey and Alishia. After that, he started clinging to me like everyone else was until I told them not to touch me.


Anyways, I finally was able to talk to Kenny. It's been a year since I last spoke to him. The guy actually grew his blonde hair out. He used to be bald. Now, his head is fun to pet. He was having a fun time. Because of the bomb threat, we were all dismissed. That's why he was cheerful.

I got a ride with Tony, Kaila, and Onizuka. Outside, people gathered about, wondering what's going on. A firetruck was parked in the back. Police cars drove around the place. News crews like Fox Eyewitness News and other crews were about.

And all of this on the haunted day of my life...

October 19 was always the day that a friend of mine would die. It's happened plenty of times. That's why it's haunted me.

The good news was that my grandmother came over today. She bought me a cute little watch that has a black band and silver face. It's also sky blue and has a cute window to see a moon or sun go by.

Well, that's my day. I hope you all had a great day. I sure did... Somewhat.

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