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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Pleasure Island

Sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I've been super busy. And now this is going to be my last post for even longer since I'm taking my vacation to LA tomorrow, then Cross Country camp.

I shall return August 19th.

I don't have a Yesiree Bob comic either. That just shows how busy I really am :P

Dude, make sure to support our game-making community at OtakuBoards. The plan is that if we get enough people to join the game-making community, James will give us a forum of our own for it. If you're unsure about game-making, go to out thread on OtakuBoards:

Our community is growing nicely and I'm in hopes of it actually succeeding :D If you do decide to join us, I suggest downloading RM2K3 (the best game-making program ever! Easy, fun, and a wonder! As simple as clicking an image and dropping it on a map). To download RM2K3 (RPG MAKER 2003), click
What we need all members of the OB GM community to do is to get more people involved and posting. That's the biggie.

Once we do have our community--or better yet, once we have our forum--we plan on doing great stuff aside from sharing our game ideas and critiquing games. We're going to hold contests, chain games*, and other awesome stuff! You won't want to miss out. So get a game making program today and join the community!

*Chain games are games that members pass along. We put ourselves in a list and then each person on that list adds a part to the game. So if the list is this...

  • Bob
  • Jane
  • Luke

    ... Bob would start the game. When he's done with his part, he'd pass the game onto Jane to do her portion. Then she passes it onto Luke who finishes the game. And voila! Completed chain game :)

    Also, when I come back, my theme will be changing again. I will be making a Tim Burton-style myOtaku layout. It might be a tribute to Corpse Bride, but I assume it'll just be odd Burton stuff. So yays!

    So, yeah, that's all for now. I hope you all enjoy yourselves and please, return when I do. I don't wanna lose ye now ;)


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