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Yo, everybody! Long time, no hear! Well, I'm back with a LOT of new art! I've been REALLY busy these past few years but I now have time to focus on my art. So, be expecting a lot of new pics from me.

Friday, January 26, 2007

   Been awhile...
Jeez, it's been a long time since I've updated anything here... Well, I just submitted around fives pics, but I'm pretty sure I'll be redoing a coupla them.

Life's been interesting for me since I last updated. Rolled a car on April Fools. Actually it was around midnight the night before, but we called it in at midnight. Took use a while to find our cells. Some of the phone conversations taking place were pretty funny. Luckly no one got hurt. There was no alcohol involved so there weren't any charges. Turns out that it wasn't my fault anyways. Country road was graded wrong. So when April Fools comes around this year, I am NOT driving.

Went to Japan for a month over the summer. Learned some Japanese and meet a bunch of people. Got over a lot views on some foods. I actually liked some sushi. It's not all bad. Just watch out for the wasabi. Stuff's like a punch in the mouth.

I've been getting ready to go to college, and I already hate paperwork. But it's part of life. Hmm... can't really think about what else really happened, but that may be because it's almost midnight right now, so I guess I'll go to sleep.

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Monday, April 11, 2005

   Hey Peoples!!
Hey, guess what! I just found out that my aunts ALMOST made so that me 'n Fyre wouldn't be able to go to our Gandpa's 'spreading of the ashes' thingy. Apparently they, my mom and aunts, don't get along very well. They even went a far to call dad names. Gee, that just lowers my perceptions of them just a bit, no?
Just a bit.
Maybe a lot.
But luckly, I don't think the younger gen. will get involved. I love my cousins to death, especially one that is like an older brother to me. Never had an older brother. I'm just rambling a bit here. No suger in the morning. They took away the capicino (sp?). Cruel aren't they? Takeing away my source of caffine. It's just cruel. See what it does to me?
Get'n back on track, I just don't know how to act around them any more. I mean, my older sis doesn't really get along with them alot either, and my grandma... it's just harsh. I mean her kids are fight'n and they even did some things without her knowledge that she wouldn't have consented to and it's just.... She just lost her husband of about, what, 60 years? And now her kids are fighting, calling each other reeeaaally nasty names, and all that....? Heck, I don't know if I can really handle going back this summer. It's just......gonna... break, I guess.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

   Unanswerable questions
Hey, peoples? If someone (kiddie) where to ask you about the makings of the universe and how the ultraviolet light that's an important factor in the lifespan of a bee, how would you answer? This kiddie came up to me and asked that. I swear I just stood there and blinked for about 5 min. Where do kids come up with those questions?
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