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Hi.I'm a huge fan of pokemon and manga!!I like to read and draw and,very rarly write poems. Here's one i wrote
I'm different, so what.
Please don't treat me like it; don't single me out.
Just.... let me be me.
Otherwise you'll never know who I am.
You won't understand how I think and who I am.
When you see me you're seeing a mask.

To see through my mask, to the real me, you have to accept me first.
Then you well see the true me; then my mask will disappear.


Friday, February 17, 2006

I might not get to post for awhile 'cuse we're moveing.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Nothing's been good the computer won't let me change my BG!!!But on the other hand This video tells what I think of the wrold!

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Thursday, February 9, 2006

   My pet!!
This is a pic. of desart,my pet. Also hoe come no one commints!!!???

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Friday, February 3, 2006

I've decided to put one of my stories on here,but there are 2 that I'd like to post,so I'm gonna put part of what I've writen on both and do a vote.Whichever has the most votes I'll post.PLASE VOTE!!!
Story #1
Dragon's Claw sat outside a broken down buliding which was her current home.She hated it;whaching others go by.People who had every thing she had ever wanted and still wanted more!They had good homes,clean colthes,and didn't have to sit whaching others with more they had. Dragon couldn't do anything about it just try to surive.
Somewhere,in the distance,a cry for help was heard,but no one came to help the dirty blond boy;no one ever came to the aid of the kids who lived on the streets,who tried so hard to get nothing.
That's enough;I have more but theres no resion to type all of it.
Story #2
There was a kitten whoes fur,like every kitten was pure white.She had many friends and lived a normal life,untill one morning.
"Crystal!wake up!"Kiari,Crystal's mother yelled. The call was unneccary though because Crystal had been awake for hours.Today was her 13th birthday,and that ment she was no longer a kitten and that she would no longer be pure white.She would finally have the green and white pattern they were named for.The green colored fur should have appered on her legs,paws,face, ears,and the stump tail they had.
Okey,sorry thoes were longer then I'd intened.Please tell me which you'ed like me to contune. Thanks!

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Friday, January 27, 2006

We are moveing to Blue Springs,Mo. on Valatines day.It's so confusing!!this is the first time I've ever moved,and most of the people who I talk to don't lison,they don't understand why I don't whant to leave this place.This place that I hate.The olny friend I could tell anything to, who I could just walk to his house.(No he is not my boyfriend,we've been friends seince preschool!!!)I've decided to make a quiz,but it'll be my first!I post later :p
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