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Sunday, April 17, 2011

bitches be crazy
if its one thing i have gotten to understand in recent years, women suck.
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Saturday, February 24, 2007

lifes bumps
one thing about life, is that it never turns out the way u want...it may be in your favor...but not what u planed. the best advice is to do what u can with what u have, or try to improve it.

trying and failing is something to be rewarded... so what is doing nothing...

loving someone is the greatest experience...not always the good moments, and they should out do the bad...they do for me. and just cuz things are bad at that moment...doesnt mean it will always be like that. some hints to help...that i learned the hard way

be patient(sp?)
be caring
be yourself

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Monday, January 22, 2007

omg...this is just retarted
ok...i recently have contaced some old friends...quite a few actually.

and they're all female...most ex's...but thast besides the point...

my point...
each one of them are different and yet when i asked what new, they said all teh same thing... "I'm pregnant" omg... is this all we have todo on our spare times....get a life ppl. whats wrong with just hanging out and spending time with ppl. i mean really... a child can wait ya know... man i really, is this what u wanted or saw ur life going...wtf ever... quit watching tv

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

the anime side of things
ok well this an anime based site so i thought i might as well have one post anime related.

BOOTLEGING!!! *dun dun dunnnn!!!*

i dont feel the smae way about downloading music as i do about downloading anime and manga. cuz well the music industry is always gonna be there and will never die fromsomething like this.

but when downloading anime, it takes away from all the voice actors, producers and everything. becuase of the hong kong rips anime almost died in Japan...so this really is a serious thing. Anime is huge and does have what it takes to be here for a really long time, but something like this can hurt it. theres not as a widly base demographic for anime as there is for movies or music. just think about it, most ppl dont own what they download and if 100 ppl do that thats like $100's of dollars per person and they only with a few series downloaded, and the problem is that theres not 100 ppl downloading anime, theres 1000's opon thousands. and i understand that most ppl cant afford anime and thats why ppl liek ADV is making slim packs of ur favorite stuff. and plz stay away from ppl who sale bootleg dvd's, thats just more wrong...really... its not kool. if u like the anime you downlaod, goout and buy it. u get nifty stuff with it and get to see the kool artwork. all and all, dont kill this great fandom. borrow, buy, preveiw...we want more new stuff to come to the USA, dont ruin things like that... every little thing helps

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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Holiday Special
its been a while...sure no one reads, but oh well

With it being the holiday season, we get to spend more time with family, and that mean lots of critism. which im sure is just to make up for lost time. but regardless ppl in general love to point out all ur faults and all the things ur doing wrong.

Its funny, no matter how many good things someone does, its the one bad thing they do that defines who they are. Arent we wonderful. Someone good clean the entire house...clean every spec of dust, but the dished are still in teh sink...oh no, the world is ending... -_-

come on ppl. are we really so f*cking thick headed to not realize the good in someone and point out the bad things that someone does.

also one more issue... Quit saying that we're over populating the country!! We are only over populating certain areas. I live in texas, and i dorve from cerntal texas to arizona... yeah long trips. that 1100 miles one way....and about 800 miles of it was nothing ... that just it it, there wasnt anything... witht the exception of a gas station every now and then. Us and a society need to think outside of the box...freaking move if u cant deal with all the people around u. expend, do whatever, just quit bi*ching.

and one last thing... i hate poverty as much as the next person...actually im very passinate about helping ppl, but some ppl are in that situation cuases its their own damn fault. Some can pull them selves back up and do what they need to do, but wont because they're too stuborn. and just ppl who dont want to help themselves out in the first place, just erks me like nothing else. if u wanna procastinate and do nothing about ur life... fine what the f*ck ever. but dont mooch off ppl. you are nothing but basturds who havent discovered life yet, and when u finally do, it gonna be getting kicking on ur ass with nothing left. great huh...and dont think that u can just get a job to pay bills, get a danm education. it really frikin helps. so u have time to enjoy life at the same time u can support ur self. u danm danm dirty basturds.

Final thoughts...
stop having sex like ur gonna die with out it... im not saying wait til margae..not a bad idea tho...but yeah...wait till u know what it is ur doing...and that only for the emotional side of it.

and quit fricking cutting ur self to make others feel dorry for u, if ur depressed... BIG FUCKING DEAL...deal with it, pll have delt with more and servived. u can really be worse off. u need to get over ur self and realize things arent so bad, and things can always be worked out or talked about...fucking emo!!!

STOP caomplaining in fucking general!!! with so many ppl for all emo, i feel like i need to cut myself to fit in or even talk to someone. if u cant deal with something and feel like the world should know u hate ur mom and ur wrist hurt from the cuts, you are know a fucking loser. nothing more... u ppl are pathentic, playing on ppls emotions to feel excepted. and when ur sitting ther comparing cut mark with ur "friends" just realize how much of a loser u are, and really, if u were looking at that, it would be really pathetic.

well anyways...making up for lost time... laterz

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