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well what can i say i'm am now in my senior year at high school and to me it's all most to fun joking it's not bad but it's not good either cause well i have no classes but yet i still have homework and i am all ways busy sure don't understand how but evidentally it is possible. and thanks to all that and not having internet at home i have very little time at school to get on so that is just a fair warning. oh yeah some people would call me crazy ok maybe they do call me crazy but arent we all sometimes lol. well i hope i can possibly talk with you and have a nice experience on the otaku. right now i have no rules cause well i have no way of enforcing them well jeane *see you later*

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i finally changed the theme

yes i finally changed b\c i don't have much time to do so so i don't know if it is working properly or not b\c for me all i get is a blank white screen so let me know if it isn't working so i can figit around and fix it *someday* but a lot has went on lately and well it's so much i don't think i have the time to type it all cause my time is oh so limited and it would take a while so i will probably just sum it up for this time...first off our teacher has installed some software on our cps here at school and can see everything that we do from his cp so there is no more games and well websites like this one so it's not a good thing. second i have been playing on an indoor soccer this year and well the rest of my team sucks *that includes me when i say it* cause we have yet to win a game and have barely scored 10 points in 5 games so that is not good at all... and now that i think about i have been getting in and out of trouble *b\c my parents just look to get me into it* all this senior year makeing me do this that grounding me for no reason and well not letting me go some places i wanted to so that right now is how this lousy person here is doing.

so thank you all for reading this and sry for all the trouble i cause on here for not updating visiting and well everything else under the sun i do and don't do on here cya.
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