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Zelos music!
Hello to all! x.x;; zelos is cool^^ yey for tales of symphonia!XD

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^^ yey!

*Zelos is hitting on a women when Kratos approaches*

Kratos: Chosen one, do you have business with this person?

Zelos: ...uh...

Kratos: I would suggest you don't mess with matters you cannot handle on your own.

Zelos: Ah well, who cares if I can't handle a situation?

Kratos: Heh. *attacks Zelos*

Zelos: Ugh, no not the face...

Kratos: You'll need to worry about more than your face if you plan to survive in battle.

Zelos: ...*both get hit by "Thunder Blade" You talk like you know everything.

Kratos: ...*casts Judgement* Didn't like that?

Zelos: ...*does a 9-hit combo on Kratos* Nah, but it doesn't matter.

Kratos: *guards against half the attacks* Won't work.

Zelos: I'm not so sure about that...*breaks his guard and performs another combo on him*

*after a long and intense brawl, the two end up in a tie*

Zelos: ...So, do I still not have what it takes to handle things?

Kratos: ...

*the people who saw this fight are now in aw of Zelos more than before*

Zelos: Hey hey, take it easy. *a girl asks him to take her out* (Talk about something worthwhile)

Kratos: ...*watces them leave* Next time, you won't be as lucky. *flies off*

by Lloyd_Boorish General

Sunday, February 5, 2006

   Mixed emotions
yeh right now i'm typing w/ one hand cause i can't use my left hand cuase yesterday on saturday i got hurt real bad again, hahah but um...it was during work i was giving this lady a pedicure n i was almost donew, all i had 2 do was put on base coat n polish..but the base coat nail polish bottle wouldn't open b/c my hands were wetish from lotioning the ladies feet after the pedicure and so i tried 2 open the polish bottle w/ the towel and well, i thought it opened but when i looked @ my left hand i saw the polish bottle, topless n a huge hole in my hand...it turns out i pulled/broke off the glass polish bottle's top and w/ my right hand i ripped my left hand skin n stuff off ... i was shocked 4 like...a few secs, n it didn't hurt, so i got up n all mu coeworkers spazzed, n they poured/squirted antispetics all over the wound makin' all these balck stuff, then i held my wrist 2 stop some circulation then they putt a cotten ball on it n taped my whole hand 2 stop all circulation n bleeding, this happened @ 12 30 pm then it took 30 mins 4 my parents 2 come poick me up n we drove 2 the hospital n waited 4 around 30 mins until i got checked up on, thew nurse took off all the tape n the cotton ball sstuck to my wound so she had 2 rip tat out then she 'properly' bandaged it and then i waited til 2 3o pm until we got 2 the doctor to stitch my hole up. i had 2 sit there 4 20 mins until he got there, n then he started 2 take off the bandaging n cleaned it out w/ hydrogen peroxide n sum orange stuff then he put sum numbiong things n syarted stitching, i was watching, it wass cool :3 waiii then i had 2 get my tetanis shot afterwards, so i was busy x.x then they warpped my left hand n i have 2 change it daily and it didn't riri hurt until the next day, it's all sore, ahahah.

anyways this tell u, beware of nail polish bottles, they'll eat u !


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Thursday, February 2, 2006


not mine XD; enjoy tho

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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Not mine, was done by Silver moon on www.video.google.com

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