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hello! thanks for visiting my site ^^
my name is doodlelover and i love NARUTO,inuyasha,death note,tokyo mew mew and a lot more anime! but i hold a special place in my heart for naruto! i love my little naru-chan! feel free to look at my portfolio and sign my guest book! and visit my friend anime-kitty if u have any time! shes awesome! and I have written some fanfics on my other site so if ur interested pm me any time >.< toodles!

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Monday, February 25, 2008

O.o ?
Ok, this is weird! I can PM back sometimes but most of the time it says 'error'! Grrr...This is really starting to confuse me...I want to e-mail dang it! >.< ANYWAY! How have you been doing ^^
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm sorry! D:
I can't reply to any of my e-mails! Otaku won't let me....-____- so I guess it would be better if ya don't PM me until I get it fixed. I hope it's soon too! I miss talking to you guys! So if ya have anything new to tell me just tell me now! And I feel better too! Still coughing, but I don't feel so crummy.

Ja ne! (English translation: later!)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Man I feel horrible...I got the flu and I can barely breath! No barfing though, which is good because then I wouldn't even be on here. Most likely I would be in the bathroom....kneeling over the toilet...eewww...and I can't even taste anything! T^T on top of all that I missed the only and funnest field trip of the whole year! I worked hard to get the money to go too! and now I'm sick and don't even get to go...

ANYWAY! how was your week?! I'm dying to know if anyone else is sick or had any problems! We can all indulge in each others pain...

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