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Hello to all of you and welcome to my site.

well I do have a rule i'm not going to add you as a friend unless you do the same if you do add me i'll visit you as much as possible but i don't like having people on my friend's list and me not be on theres i hope that dosen't sound mean but i will visit and comment well that's it enjoy my site ^-^*.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

  hi everybody well im sick and its horrible my nose is drooling my head hurt i really hate being sick you know but anyways i been thinking about moving to stockton my home town with one of my freinds and going to heald college and getting my assiocates degree in criminal justice i also want to get my masters thats a really good one well im going to go talk to you guys and gals later.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

  hey everyone right now i was looking up my family past and its so frustrating i type my moms mom in right and they dont come up with anything and even put in her maiden and still nothing i put my name in for birth when and where and i guess i dont exist i mean i found two of my other grandmas's and one grandad i guess that good enough for right now i look up more with my mom later got to go bye.
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Monday, November 5, 2007

  Hi whats up? not much is going on with me i slept all day had to consevre enery you know tomorrow me and my sister have to go over hell and high water. so much to do so little time anyways me and her went to the store i got some money and spent it on her and elias i bought him a couple of outfits and sock {he needs them} and i bought her sponge bob pj's she loves them and got her pregent cloths shes about a month pregent i'm going to have a kid soon were trying to plan them toeghter so there be born around the same time shes already a month so i better hurry huh! but anyways at wal-mart they had wife-beaters you know tank tops the ones sexy guys where to show us there sexyness there for one year olds he looks like a little man so cute well alright thats enough talk to you later bye^-^*.
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