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Cool Stuff at BlingJam.com

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

wow ... im like so bored of otaku.
its all so stupid to me now. i dont even check it anymore! i find it pointless and dont like it. sorry

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Friday, April 20, 2007

   10 things to do at the mall [other than shop]
1. Ask the information desk for a stroller, and someone to push you around in it.
2. Ask a salesperson if a certain color of underwear matches your hair
3. Search through a bin of jellybeans saying that you lost your pet spider.

4. Ask the pet store's owner how much meat hamsters have on them.

5. Ask a salesperson in the hardware department how well a saw cuts through bone.
Stare at a blank tv, and ask other people if they can see the hidden picture.
6. Test out the matresses in your pajamas.
7. Ask a salesman why a particular TV is labeled black and white and insist that they are colors. When he disagrees, give him a strange look and say, "You mean you really can't see it?"

8. Teach a pet store's parrot gross words that would make it unsellable.
9. Give a saleswoman a stack of pants, and tell her none of them are leak proof.
Bring a bag of marshmallows and "toast" them infront of the display fireplace.
10. Ask a pharmacist which drug will give you a wicked buzz.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I put a few videos of my friends on youtube...i dont feel like put the actual videos on this site so here are the links:

Dan's Shaggin' Wagon:

Emily Time-Warping:

What Are You Doing?

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Oi...I'm sorry!
Sorry i put so many memegen quizzes up! it probably got annoyinh! so i am now putting them all in my quiz result page!
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This is my fav!

What Do Naruto Characters Think of You(For Girls)(With Detailed Explanations + your love life) by HajimeNoOwari
Enter Your Name
Your Age
Narutoforgot Sakura the minute he lied eyes on you, he thinks you are so much better, you are cool, nice, not a Sasuke fan, smart and kick but!
Sasukehates you for messing with his head but has to addmit even when he is pissed at you the only thing on his mind is how to shove you against the wall and kiss you like there is no tomorow
Gaaraknew you when you were kids, he had a crush on you because you were cute, nice to him plus you bought him his teddy bear ^.^
Nejitends to smirk when you smile or joke, he believes you like him and really likes to shove it up Sasuke's ass
Itachiis in love with you, you are guttsy, hot, strong, calm, smart, a good kisser and much more. Keep it up, he is a little to obsesive but that just his way of saying he cares. And don't make him jelous because he will kill the guy who made him jelous.
Kakashiavoids you ever since you stole his Icha Icha paradise book and wrote a new one with him and Iruka as main characters, which you then swaped with his. He couldn't show his face for a week after you took a picture of him when he got a nose bleed on the picture of naked Iruka (that Naruto, your partner in crime, transformed into) and showed it to everyone especialy Gai
Orochimaruis scared of you ever since you skinned and served his snakes for dinner, and after he ate them, told him you made him a new purse with their skin
Kabutoasked Orochimaru if he'd alow him to have you, but he told him he isn't willing to share
Shikamaruthinks you are perfect for him, layed back, smart, lazy, calm
Shinoconsidered you a friend so he showed you his bug colection. He was amaised that you actualy knew half of them. He didn't tell you but he likes you a lot.
Kibais trying to ask you out but each time he chikens out
Your Splecial Traitscool style, nice, likes to joke around a lot, a little perverted
Your SoulmateGaara, you are both loners and angry at the world
Who You End Up With And How You MetShino - his bugs were entranced by your song (which is your weapon) while they were training in the forest
How You DieYou steal Chouji's lunch

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Yup....im obsessed

What do naruto characters think of you?? +You life and love life(girls only) by Cutykitty
Your full name, please:
Your age:
Your favorite color:
Age :19
Village :Rain
Rank :Kage
Your demon :One-Tailed Demon Tanuki
Your bloodline :Uchiha
Your summoning :Dogs
Hair colorPurple
Hair stylePonytail
Eye colorBrown
Are you a part of the Akatsuki :No
Are you an ANBU black ops :Yes
Your bestfriend :Neji
Your enemy :Sakura
Naruto thinks:I hate her she eats to much ramen -_-
Sasuke thinks:She's very powerful, very skilled, I'd like to fight her someday
Sakura thinks:I hate her, because I think she may like sasuke also.
Kakashi thinks:Her and naruto would be pretty good toghther they do both like ramen
Hinata thinks:She embarrasses me, always teases me, she's has a cruel soul...
Shino thinks:hmm... better keep a clos eye on her she might be working for Orochimaru
Kiba and Akamaruhmm... well.. i dunno... i guess she's okay
Kurenai thinks :Her skills are astounding, I'm not surprised she's so respected around here...
Shikamaru thinks:It's the girl of my dreams, she's... perfect
Ino thinks:She's great! we could become best friends
Chouji thinks:I love her, she bought BBQ for luch :)
Asuma thinks :Who?
Lee thinks:I shall protect her with my life!!
Neji thinks:she doesn't stop talking!! JUST SHUT UP!!!!
Tenten thinks:Grrr...I think Neji likes her...
Gai thinks:Maybe I can talk the Hokage into letting her and I go on a mission together...somewhere far away...us all alone... *kukuku*
Gaara thinks:.............
Temari thinks:hmm... i think kankuro likes her :P (ME: Ooo lala!)
Kankuro thinks:She treats me of a kid because of my puppets
JaraiyaHmm... i should use her as the model for my next book
Tsunade thinks:Promising ninja, that's for sure, but there's something about her I don't like...
Orochimaru thinks:hmm... she's very powerful... and pretty, i could use her to help me destroy konoha! MUAHAHA! (ME: Ooo! the evil laughter)
Kabuto thinks:(Asked Orochimaru if he'd share you but he said no way...-_-;')
Itachi thinks :Who?
The guy who has a major crush on you:
How much they love you :
Your boyfriend :Orochimaru
How much he loves you :
How much you love him :
Will he cheat on you? :No
If he cheats on you it would be >>
Who will you marryKakashi
when will you marry him :January 17, 2025
How many kids will you have213
gender :half boys, half girls
Race :warewolves
income :$370,702,326
will your marriage lastmaybe
Type of house :Appartement
When will you die :June 8, 2085
who will kill you :Hinata
How many people will be at your funeral :1,144

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Your life Naruto style! Random generator (girls plz) by Lily
Your Name:
Fav. Character:
Village:Hidden San
Ninja Level:Chuunin
Best Friend:Jiraya
First Love:Zaku
Ended up falling for:Neji
Ended up falling for you:Shikamaru
Love eachother this much:
How many kids:4
Who hates you:Temari

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A party with the cast of Naruto (Sasuke, Naruto, Gaara, Itachi, and More)(girls only..sorry guys) by Sasuke's Gurl
Zodiac Sign:
The Party Was At...Shikamaru's House
Who was there?GUYS-Shikamaru, Neji, Gaara, Naruto, Itachi, Sasuke, Kabuto, Haku, Kiba. GIRLS(you didn't talk to them much)-Sakura, Ino, Hinata, TenTen, Temari, and You!
When you played spin the bottle, you got...Gaara
While in the closet with him for those 10 mins...He pulled you close to his body, to the point were you could feel his heart beating in his chest. you could feel his warmth against your body. then he kissed you gently on the lips and wispered in your ear, "You are mine now, and you always will be."
You also got kissed by...Haku
Your Ex-BF tried to kiss you but got stopped by...Haku
You woke up naked next to...Shikamaru
_____has a secret crush on you.Naruto

Im obsessed with these cuz i love the outcomes!!!

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