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hey I am a major anime fan mostly for sailor moon and oh my goddess! i love to draw them whenever I have time and Love to watch them still. I have some of the episodes that I bought when they came out and still look for trading cards to buy, but it is nearly impossible to find them now. I have always loved sailor moon and oh my goddess since they were first introduced to me. oh my goddess was introduced to me in 1995 when my sister got me the comic books. i have sailor moon comics in english and the japanese books too. i had the collections but over time things were getting thrown away without my knowledge until it was too late. how sad huh, but i have been out on a hunt to get more of my favorite anime thing. i am very friendly and love to meet new people. just opened this profile so have a lot i have to do so i can pimp it out. plan to insert some of my drawing as well so over time maybe you can critique them for me.