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Saturday, November 17, 2007

high school has been alright.
its annoying.
and people are very annoying.
with a fucking passion;
october was a bullshit month.
it didnt treat me well.
got in a fight with a dude that
i liked alot.
&we didnt talk for 4 weeks.
but, we're cool now..
i think.
but whatever fuck him.
i dont give a shit about his manwhore ass

but. dad doesnt trust me worth shit anymore.
he found out that i drink and i skipped classes.
aiight this might sound very bad
to some of you. but im not a fucked up kid.
its a phase and i know that some of you know that.
but i did something that every kid needs to
go on in highschool.
their parents trust.
without that. you cant do shit and
you wont get anywhere when you need somehting from
and right now..i cant do shit because
i fucked up my trust with my parents.
its some sick disgusting bullshit.
but. it's going to take along time before
i get to go out and see bands at concerts.

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