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Friday, May 26, 2006

SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!!!
Yay! I updated again!! Well, now that school’s out(it’s been out since Wednesday, but I wanted to rest^^), I can update as much as I possibly can! Ya! So what’s up?? How’ve you guys been, huh?? Is there anything exceting you’re gonna do this summer? Or, like me, are you gonna stay home most of the time on the computer and go out every once in a while??? Lol, I might go to animation classes, so it’ll be better than last summer. I’ll add some art, but all of it( or at least I think it is) is original anime. Character profiles, reference sheets, the works. Oh, and also, if you’re being bored and tired of waiting for me to update on TheO, then here’s a link to my SheezyArt profile . Well, that’s all! BYE!!

Doggy D

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Thursday, April 20, 2006


Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so terribly sorry for not updating in, like, FOREVER!!!!!!! I’m not gonna blame anything or anyone but me. I got a new account on this website called Sheezy Art, and I totally forgot about TheOtaku. I feel so mean. Some of you commented, and I never knew. Thanks EdWillSoS. Yes, I remember you! I say thanks, because I realized people missed me on TheOtaku. I was considering deleting my account(I have too many online accounts!!), but I decided to deleat the others. I used to have 9 online accounts, but now that I’ve deleted some, I have a total of 4 left. Thanks for missing me!^__^ Sounds like a strange thing to say, but thanks. So, how are you all?? Are you happy to see me again??^^ Please tell me ‘yes’! I haven’t been sick lately, so that’s a good sign! The only thing I’ve had was a pain in my right side. The doctor said it was most likely my ovaries or my kidney. He gave me some prescriptions and I feel hell of a lot better! Speaking of better, I have some art that looks pretty awesome. I’ll send it in later, k?? Well.............I really don’t have anything else to say! Bye! Sorry again! Sorry if I worried some of ya!^__^

Doggy D

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Randomness and Boredom.......And Sickness

Hey. Sorry for not updating. Like my new layout?? I still apologize for not updating, I think the world wants me dead, so it keeps on making me sick. Anyways, I’ve been out of school for a while. Surprisingly, a lot of people missed me. Maybe they missed my humor, or they just plain missed my stupidity which gets me in and out of trouble. What else is there to say?? Umm............Oh! Right!! There is a really funny video that a friend of mine made on deviant art. Here’s the link. Also, I have some news regarding the Naruto kitties. If you love these kitties, and have some questions, I may have some answers to a few of your questions about them, here’s the latest update about them. Yes, I am still creating them. Thing is, they take quite some time to make. Drawing them takes about half an hour, and coloring them takes about another hour, and last but not least, typing their profiles. It’s especially hard, because some of the kitties I’ve drawn I don’t know what their personality is like, so it get's me frustrated, and I have to look over the net to find a profile on them^^’’’ But do not worry, I have these kitties finished so far, and I just need to type their profiles: Orochimaru, Shino, Choji, Sakura, Ino, Kakashi, Iruka, and Itachi. If you have any more questions, just comment and I’ll PM you the answer ASAP! Also, speaking of fan art, I have a few pieces I want to show you. One’s with Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto asks if Sasuke’s New outfit is attached all together, and Sasuke says ‘yes.’ Then Naruto asks ‘If it’s all together, then how do you take a piss??’ My friends were cracking up so much, and I think that it is one question that should be answered. How DOES he go to the bathroom in that outfit??^///^ I’m so retarded. Thinking up things like that takes a lot of sugar and time, believe it or not. Well, that’s pretty much all I have to say. Bye for nows!!! Huggles

Doggy D

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

I’m so tired.......I had to run the mile at school, and, well, I’m not the very best runner. I SUCK!!!! We had to finish it in under 12 minutes. I got 10min, 24 sec. I suck so badly, don’t you agree?? But, it’s okay. I’m just chilling here with an icy-hot patch on my leg, watching an online episode of Naruto. If your wondering which, it’s episode 101, and my god is it funny! It’s a filler, and here’s what it’s about:
Naruto convinces Sasuke and Sakura to help him discover what's behind Kakaships mask. Just what blemish does he hide? When the group invites him out for ramen - their treat - he is immediately suspicious, but happily enjoys the free meal. Just as they're about the see Kakashi's true face, Ino, Shikamaru, and Chouji crash the party, blocking their view. When the chaos settles down, both ramen servers are staring at Kakashi with big hearts in their eyes.

This of course fuels the genin's curiosity, so they decide to follow him. He immediately notices they are tailing him and asks what's up. They then decide to follow him individually. Naruto is up first, but Kakashi quickly loses him. Sakura tries but is duped by a Kakashi scarecrow. Finally Sasuke tries and fails as well.

Today's mission is to help out on a farm. As they prepare, the evil Moya brothers are plotting their revenge on Kakashi. Three years ago, one of the brothers proposed to a girl in a very cheesy setting. Kakashi interfered. Now they will seek their revenge.

Their first method of revenge is to prepare a magnificent feast sprinkled with a potion to cause unstoppable hiccups. Kakashi refuses to eat while Naruto throws a tea pot at his sensei. Kakashi blocks with the entire table and all the food is ruined.

Sasuke decides that if they invite Kakashi to a bath, he'll definitely take off his mask, while the Moya brothers decide to prick Kakashi with a needle that will make him laugh uncontrollably until he dies. To the boy's dismay, Kakashi walks out with his mask on. The Moya brothers use the opportunity to throw their needle, but it misses and hits a frog. When Naruto comes out of the path, he sees the three Moya uniforms and steals them.

Finally, the kids make their last stance. They put on the shinobi outfits and try to sneak up behind Kakashi. He immediately recognizes them, but the Moya brothers emerge from hiding and confront Kakashi at that moment. Sakura reveals that this was part of their plan all along - they've lured the Moya brothers into their trap. Kakashi thinks it's a bit strange but takes the three out.

Finally, Naruto asks what's under Kakashi's mask. He dramatically removes it to reveal... another mask!

So, yeah. If you want to download an episode, I’d suggest that one. I have a piece of fanart I wanna submit, but it’s not done T.T It has my character on it, Karie, and Sasuke’s biting her head. Karie’s friends are staring at her and she says ‘Sasuke eats fan-girls.’ It really did happen, except it was my friend Kai that bit my head. Ow. I had a very strange weekend. My friend Jak came over so we could go to the mall. But, I wasn’t ready. I came out of my room with my hair in a wrapped up towel. The moment he saw me, he’s all like ‘How do you do that!? Do you have some kind of magical powers or something, ‘cuz I can never figure out how women can make a towel into a monument on their head.’ I started cracking up so hard, I actually taught him how to wrap the towel on his head. He got it right.............The 42nd time. He also asked the same question, but with bras. I just left him in my room when he asked. So, sheaw, my weekend was fucked up. In a good way, not bad. So, that’s all for now! Bye!!!

Doggy D

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fucking Valentine’s Day.........Sorry Fo No Updates!!!

Ughhh........I HATE Valentine’s day. It’s so full of drama and ‘Why didn’t I get a card?!’ God........at my school, the girls bitch like there’s no tommorow, and dear lord that is A LOT!!!!!!! Sorry, maybe I should be a little more happy. Well, I kinda am, I got an 87% on my religion test(FYI, that helps my average a lot). So, what are you guys doing today for Valentines day?? Huh?? Spending some time with that special someone?? Or, like me, busy planning how to sabotage the people you depise that, somehoe, magically got a date(I have 3 dates I have to ruin then!^__^) Oh! Now, for a story that has nothing to do with V-Day!^^’’’ Okay, I have all the Naruto manga volumes(1 through 8) Yesterday, I was organizing all my manga, but I couldn’t find the 4th volume of Naruto. I was having a spaz attack!!! I was all like ‘OMFG!! Where’s my Muffins!?(Inside joke, my friend Christina and I were making muffins while reading the manga. When she asked me for the next Yu Yu Hakusho volume, she said ‘can you pass me the next volume of muffins?’ At that moment, I started cracking up so much! Anyways......) I was searching for it for at least half an hour. When I asked my sis if she’s seen it, she told me ‘It’s closer than you think’ I raised my right hand, pointed to her, and said ‘What the freak does that have to do with any-‘I freeze in the middle of the sentence, as I look at my hand. Turns out it was in my hand that whole time^^’’’’ I hate it when that happens. You have something your looking for, and it turns out that you had it in your hand the whole time!^^’’’ Well, (<--- I have a habit of starting a sentence with the word ‘well’) that’s all I have to say for now. Oh, also, I’ve sent in some new fanart, so you can go check it out, here are the links(in case you’re too lazy to scroll down, and click another button^^’’’):

Sock Puppets Kick Ass
Fun With Sharpe And Whiteout

That’s all for now, I promise to update more often!! Chao!! Te quero mucho!!!(<--- Spanish for ‘Bye, love you all!’)

Doggy D

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