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Sesshomaru as we know is Inuyasha half, full blooded dog demon brother. Who has conviced him self that Inuyasha and Inuyasha's human mother killed their father, who died saveing new born Inuyasha and his freshly brought back to life human mother. Sesshomaru also hates human like three year old gym socks. Which I don't understand because when he was wounded from Inuyasha's tetsauiga new founded power the WIND SCEAR. After that shock, he meets a little girl named Rin who lost all her family from war. She tries to help him heal, but he heals on his own in day or so. When she goes in the woods and sees that he as lefted,and started going back to the village she was attacked by kogas wolvies which killes her. Later on Sesshomaru and Jaken walk down the path and smells that blood of a human was spilled. When they got closer Sesshomaru sees that the human was Rin. He decides to bring her back to life, confusing Jaken by doing so. Then he decides that she will travel with them. Even though Sesshomaru hates humans. He hates inuyasha more!!! That sibling rivairy has been going thoughout the series. We frist met Sesshomaru in the fifth episode when Sesshomaru tries to found his father's powerful sword tetesaiga. which his father hid it somewhere with only this clue " always seen but never saw, gureded but never know to its guerder." Everyone thinks Sesshomaru is evil, mean, selfish, selfcenter, and just evil. But I think under all that angery is more angery for Inuyasha.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

   Inuyasha and Kagome love relationship
Many people from my school loves inuyasha !!!!! At school people are hearing rumors about Inuyasha and Kagome being together. Others are hearing Kagome is going to die. But I want Inuyasha and Kagome to fall in love.I also have friends you wants inuyasha to suffer, because they say that he is a jerk and he deserves it. What do you think?