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im a wolf/human or [werewolf] im kool. im a little lonely all you humans dont like us [we just want to be like you.i got the crus from a wolf spirit [lycanropey]im ok wheth that.the story is long so i can anlly tell u a liitle hollywood made up that u can get bit then poof you are a wolf not .NO it started about in the 15 cerctry peole moked us.then a werewolf killed a god so the people got killed.they tested all the gods by killing a human and made it look like food but they new so ........ im out of time if u want to here the rest email me bye lighta


Thursday, February 14, 2008

   gitzooo part 2
gitzoo howled lightly and.........if you want to no more about the story pm me ''

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