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Hello! This is the final name that I will have! I swear! As you can see... I have become a total DNAngel freak over like 2 weeks... Well... I guess since I have so many DAMN names on the otaku I guess I will use just like 2... I don't know. I think I will delete some but not sure yet!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh hell yeah!!!!!!!! I'm so lazy and I hate myspace!!!!!!!!
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Saturday, February 10, 2007

I haven't really been on here. I just actually thought to get on today. Yep. I'm careless. You guys know you wanna rub it in...
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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I haven't been on here in a while. It makes me feel happy that I'm on here ya know. Man...hopefully things haven't changed really. I know my popularity has though....*starts to cry* That's okay though.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Episode 24 Ending Song

Takaku dono kurai tonde ittara
Haruka tooku no kimi ga mienaku naru no?
How high would I have to fly
To lose sight of you, so far away?

Hitomi soraseba raku ni naru kamo shirenai
Demo itsumo dokoka de mitsumete itai
If I turn my eyes away, I might feel better.
But I want to always be looking at you from somewhere.

Wasureru koto nante deki wa shinai kara
Nasu sube mo naku, sora wo miageteru dake.
Maru de kago no naka no chiisana tori no you ni
Mado wo sagashite atemo naku, samayotte iru.
Because there's no way I could forget you.
At my wits' end, I simply keep staring up at the sky.
It's almost as if I were like a small bird inside a cage,
Searching for the window, aimlessly wandering around.

Ima sugu ni aitai kimi ga suki dakara
Kizutsuku koto ga kowakute nigetai kedo
Mienai shigarami ni tsubasa torawaretemo
Soredemo kimi wa kanashii hodo taisetsu na hito.
I want to see you right away, because I love you,
Even though I want to run away because I'm scared of being hurt.
If this unseen barrier around me should tear away my wings,
Still, you are so precious to me that it makes me sad.

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mitsumeteru yo okina merinotte kimi no koe amaoto e kieteku
hitori ro no kasa kuru kuru to mamashite nakusou na
kono sora wo miageta nakusou na kimi wa meottojite
itsumedemo matteru no kingidou no ametsu ka futari no naka ojite yuku

aoi basu ni notte saka michi wo koro koro
warui ameka asu no yane tataita nakusuo na
watashi wo kono mama tooku made tsumette ette mo wo matsu no ametsu ka
kimi no naka ni ojite yuku

no metsu no ametsu ka kimi no naka ni ojite yuku

mitsumeteru yo kimi to boku no sekai sukoshi to toshite tara kaze ni sana wareta

mitsumeteru yo kimi no koto sagashiteru nanai ro no sekai ame ni nakasarete...

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