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Friday, January 18, 2008

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t the lesbian twins. Plan on making out after you eat? I guess you find puking and having sex at the same time a real turn on.” The center girl announced among her group. Anyone who is anyone knew that the girl was Rachel, the most popular girl in school. Also you could ask any guy in the school and they would tell you they have done it with her. Rachel and you use to be friends in middle school but when you hit high school, she started to hang with a different crowd.
“And I am sure you would know. Tell me Rachel, do you come with a mute button or do you need something in your mouth to shut you up?” Karry moved her attention to the queen of sluts that took a sit beside you.
“Whatever Karry. You are just mad because I am not a lesbian.”
A couple of girls giggled as you looked up they all fell silent.
“Even if I was a lesbian, Rachel, I would not even look at you as a suitable candidate. You are just too ugly for my standards.”
Karry and you bust out laughing as the girls were no longer paying attention to you but to a figure standing behind you. Karry stops laughing seeing the figure and glares. You stop laughing and look back to see Jason.
Jason is your typical football quarter back with the few problems of being a complete druggy. Jason’s blond hair and blue eyes can fool all the girls at school but not Karry or you.
Jason bends down to your level and he moves his mouth over your ear. You huff out at Jason’s perverted ness as small blush comes to your face.
“You got my shipment in yet, baby?” He said in a seductive tone.
“Get the hell out of my personal space Jason! You smell like beer. Just like my dad. You I got your shipment.” You said brushing him aside.
Jason bends down again wrapping his arms around your stomach holding your arms down. Rachel and the other girls gasp as they watch. Karry looks the other way. Jason starts to nibble at your ear; then starts to kiss your neck.
“Do I get a bonus with that? Perhaps a seventeen year old Cree Valentine?”
You hated Jason calling you by your name. It was almost as if you were friends or good buddies. Your mom gave you your name. At first, your parents were convinced that you were going to be a boy but finding out otherwise they changed it from Chris to Cree.
“Knock it off! I got a bonus for you! A kick straight in your balls. Now get off of me!” You kicked and screamed.
“Well then.” Jason said pulling back and winking at you.
You shiver as Jason leaved the table. Rachel still sitting there shocked and bewildered. Karry looks back at you as she shook her head.
“You should have bit the bastard!” She said with a serious tone.
Rachel flew out of her trance and glared at Karry.
“How dare you talk about Jason that way? Jason!” Rachel gets out of her chair as she runs after captain pervert. Her group well behind her copying her every move.
“So…”Karry broke the silence as you were eating your fries. “What time is it tonight?”
“What?! Does he even notice we are in a poor neighborhood and a bad one at that? He doesn’t even care if you get raped by some weirdo off the streets?” Karry’s mood changed really quickly as her mood ring that sat upon her hand changed from a hazel green to black in three seconds.
“Don’t worry. I will be fine. It is only about a couple blocks away anyway. I will be fine. You know, you have been on the edge lately, are you ok?”
“I’m fine it is you I am worried about. You are my best friend Cree; I just don’t wanna see you get hurt.”
“I’ll be fine. School is the only place I can relax though. It’s like my own everyday vacation. I never wanna leave!”
“You know what I heard?” A boy behind you started to speak loudly for all of his friends to hear. “I heard we only have a half of a day today and a whole week off too.”
One of the boy’s friends agreed.
“It’s true the pipeline broke again and so we get out after lunches are through.”
You look at Karry as she gives you a reassuring smile. You move your fries as you start to bang your head on the table. Karry pats you on your head and told you that everything was going to be ok when the bell rang.
You moaned as you got up and made your locker. Karry followed you as she lay back on the lockers. Pulling your bag out of your locker you look at her and half smiled.
“At least tell me. You and I tomorrow? Ice Cream shop? You know Crystal’s Ice Cream. We have not been there in a while. Please tell me that you will survive by tomorrow.”
“Yeah, yeah.” You smiles throwing the bag over your shoulder.
“Ok say about two tomorrow? I will see you then.” She disappeared around the corner.
You sighed as you walked out the side door of the school. After walking for about ten minutes, you look at your cell phone and saw the digital numbers saying”5:42”. You say you have some time as you take to long way home thought the park. You see a couple of kids playing on the swing you usually sit on when you think about things. I guess I will just head home. You turn around and start to walk the short way to the hell hole. You finally make it to your road; it dark now and looking at your phone it says “6:45”.
“Where the hell did the time go?” You asked yourself aloud as you walked onto the stairs in front of your house.
“Cree.” A dark luminous voice called through the wind.
You turn around to see nothing but a quick wind blow and you hear your name called again. You look right and then left. Now one. Not a single soul.
You turn around to see a man staring you in your face. At first glance, he looked like a killer, but looking at him for a couple of seconds, you start to see the physical features better.
The man’s body structure was big. The man looked around his low twenties, twenty-two max. You could tell by the man’s shirt that he worked out almost everyday. The shirted looked a little too small as there lay a small skull in the middle. The trench coat the man wore flowed all the way to the ground passed his dark black pants that covered his black steel-toed boots. Looking up at his face you saw the beauty of it.
His body may have been built but his face was perfect. Not a blemish on the man. If the man wasn’t so gloomy, you would say he was a super model. His short spiky black hair with hints of red highlights flickered in the light coming off from the house. His deep dark eyes reminded you of an empty black pit.
“Who are you? And what do you want?” You glared at the man with anger.
“Cree Valentine. Well you look like you are still in your teens.” He took a step closer grabbing hold of your arm pulling you toward him making you trip on the step. He grabs your waist before you fall pressing your body against his.
“Get the hell of me!” You screamed pushing your captor from your body but it proves useless.
“What the hell do you think your doing?” Your father voice was heard from behind the gloomy man. “Look if you are going to do that shit do it-Cree?”
You push away from the crazed man as you walk toward your father.
“You’re late!” He barked.
“It’s a minute after seven. Cry me a river.” You passed him and walked into the house.
“And what the hell do you want?” You father yelled out at the man now turned around in your father’s direction.
“Sorry. My name is Jack. Jason wanted me to pick up his shipment. He also told me this is the best place to get some heroin. Got any in stock?” The man walks closer to the open door.
“Ah! A customer. Come on in Jack, I’ll see what I have. Cree get your ass over here!”
Your father ushers the man to the couch in the living roon. He sits down as he watches you come around the corner. Your eyes go wide as he gives you a wide smile. There was something wrong with his teeth. You thought to yourself as you follow your dad into the kitchen.
“Why the hell did you let him in here?” You whispered as you gave a rude glare at him.
“Shut your ass up! He is picking up Jason’s shipment and he want to buy so heroin from me. So be grateful you don’t have to go anywhere.” He opens the fridge and takes out three beers. Handing one to you, he walks back into the living room.

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