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Hm well i am a girl who manly stays in the corner of the room, unless i have random bursts of craziness, but they are random. prefer to be on the sidelines and watch everybody else. THen you understand how they work and manipulate them to your own devices....jjk...not.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

whats the point?
well i dont think i have written anything for anything over summer. there was just no point. it would have been repetative and annoying to read after a while. like who wants to read about family stuff over and over. like ohhh lookie there fighting again ..oh lookie now the swearing has started....oh lookie now they say stuff there gonna apologize for but wont really...oh loookie brother is kicked out for a while...oh lookie brother came back....oh lookie we start it all over again...oh lookie at all the lies.....oh lookie... look at the whole in the wall from fist....oh look...at the broken doors...oh look
there she is in the basement...
oh look....
crap...just wrote what i said i wouldnt write
funny how that happend

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Friday, March 24, 2006

well lets see, everybody i know seems to take pleasure in insulting others and dissing them. THen they go and act all chumy
As far as i can see they all hate each other yet for some reason they all stick together
maybee they have not realized that none like the others yet.
going away for spring breack
not for pleasure but for sports
cant get a break fromit
everywhere i turn it is more sport mormormore
why cant i kill that little nevouse twitch in my mind
it is themost annoyingest thing ever

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Dont CLick!
I wouldn't click this!!!
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well tommorow were gonna add to the pain. first the sport ingury then the emotional crap next the car accident and finally dun dundun the braces. May as well get all the pain going in one week no? Bring on the pain baby i can take it! i have had worse. You better belive it! well all the meds numb everything to a bareable state.
so...i guess it all works out
Its sad when you want to avoid the one thing you love because of certain people that you dont want to hurt yet you cant think of a way around it.
we got our match things today...that is always worth a good laugh. My celebrities were Matt leblanc, eminem, adam sandler, and so the list continues, from my grade....eek man! from the other grades, well i dont know any of them so no biggy. Well me color was : PLAID: its making a comeback i swear hahahahaha! the worst part is i have a pair of plaid pants....
how do you get out of being with people when they drag you with them, but you want to be somewhere else? its not fair!!! how am i gonna get out of this one. They like expect me and then if they dont get me they make a kuffufle and are all offended im sry if i dont want to hang out around you but sometimes you lets ee....how to put this nicely....BUG ME SO SDGHOIUJWETIHORTGOIHSDGLKNTSJIOTRWKHRWT and all other letters of the alphabet.
lol ill see you at random and weired addictions annonymous kaitlyn see you there in a couple years!
i feel so **wait what is the word** "momoberry" today. momoberry: feeling peachy, quirky, stylish and sophisticated. Ok so you you can be stylishly quirky in a sophisticated peach suit? your the boss not me...
later days

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

its so sunny!
the sun is like overly bright and the reflection burns your eyes out... Just the best way to wake up in the morning...mm yawn its so light out it must be 12! *look at clock* what only 7 nooooooo i dont want to be up im not awake!!!!
sigh and the same thing next morning and the next and the next
So come on mr groundhog!Cuze i cant take this anymore. is the only thing we can count on to get us through winter?
its Delicio not delivery! god and you wonder why i dont have any friendS!
hahaha and whoever said tv doesnt rought through your brain is such a liear!!!!
on way or another im gona getcha getcha getcha. ON wAY oR anoTHeR iM goNNa GeTCha geTCha gETcha!

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Friday, February 3, 2006

must i?
Warning, the producers of this movie wnat to warn you of explisit contents. I wish i were not so F-ing shy around certain people! it would save so much time and energy and thoughts if i werent. oh well i guess i will get through it, I always do somehow.
i can hear them arguing up there again. The 3 of them. Sometimes you wish that the walls were thiker but c'est la vie you have to live with what you have and how you have been given to.
Ahh comedy releif.
I wonder how our art teacher expects us to finish all this stuff! i cant spew out art that fast, a full drawing a day? are you crazy? it takes me time how do you expect me to do that! it takes me at least 4 hours to draw a good drawing.
Catscratch madagascar kronks new grooveWinning isnt everything its the only part that matters! I am the master of games!
later days

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