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Well I found this site and I saw everything. The fan art, Fan manga, cosplay, e-cards, wallpapers ect. I said to myself (wow i wonder who made this). When I saw some peoples accounts I said "Ohh snap this art is made by every day people like me!" And best off all when it said "Free online account" I instantly signed on!!!
Now I'm looking to create my own art that people can veiw and comment on. This place is truly the place for a hard core anime lover like me!
I love the Otaku! : )
How I found was, I was looking for pictures like always. I have about 400 pictures on my computer most likely more. Then the otaku anime popped up. So I signed on and here I am. That's about it.
The only thing I ever do is search for pictures now I have some more to do!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

   Sorry...I haven't been on but...
I have an issue that got today... See I want to be a drum major for my highschool marching band and pratice is this week. But actual try out are the thirteenth. And I'm racking my brian. Should I do it or quit? I'm so tired of running but I really want this ALOT. So I'll try a little harder and try to do the best that I can. For me and my friends counting on me and pushing me to do it! Any advice?
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Friday, December 28, 2007

   Christmas Questions!
1. How was your Holiday weekend?
2. What did you get for X-mas?
3. What was your favorite dish to eat?
4. Did you have multi color lights on your tree or just all one color?
5. What did you get for X-Mas?
6. What did you give for X-Mas?
7. What was your best holiday experince?
8. Did you have a good time?

Happy Holidays! ^^;

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