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Hi. If you hate sarcasm, suicide, profanity, and teenage insecurities, GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY SITE YOU SPINELESS, MINDLESS PIECES OF SHIT. I get my fill of ASSHOLES at school. NOT HERE!

I'm an artist, musician, and basically fucked up. My friends love me even though I've threatened to kill them at least twice a week. Might as well talk about my friends. Nate(still thinking) and Tree(ignorance) are the only two people in the world I wouldn't kill if I had the choice-no offense.

I have a younger sister(bitch) and no life. I'm currently debating whether or not I should let you guys see my drawings. I might if I can find them.

Not a big fan of anime, but I can't help but tolerate the stuff since everyone I'm remotely close to is obsessed with it. Well, I'm tired and bored. So bye.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

   Happy Birthday!!!
Today...is...my...BIRTHDAY!!! Yep, one of the few things that gets me happy. It's one of the few times in the year when my family attempts to get together and pretend we don't have any problems.

This weekend I plan on heading "up" to Georgia and hanging out with Tree and Nate. Hopefully, they don't give me some big party. I just want to chill and hang out with my friends.

It's weird how I decided to just post this insignificant[screw spelling] blog. I'm going to MySpace to make some new "friends". Bye.

P.S. If you read this at all, leave a message saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! in bold letters and you'll make my day. But since it's almost 5:30, most of you are probably getting ready to watch Naruto after doing your homework or after-school activities. I'm waiting for my pizza.
That was relatively long.

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Friday, April 6, 2007

  "I look forward to nothing
I want nothing
I do nothing
Therefore, I am nothing"

And I thought I was dark. I got this from a friend in a very bad mood. He eventually got over it but it makes me wonder, "How that Hell can he be so poetic?"

My annoying little sister won't get out of my room. She's reading over my shoulder. Now she's watching TV. She's watching Disney and I'm no longer paying attention to her.

So happy it's Friday because tomorrow is Saturday and my friend Kyle is coming down here to visit me. And he's bringing my guitar that he stole from me.

Well, this is my lame blog about my boring life so thanks for reading and may you find better things.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

  Typing typing typing typing what the hell am I doing don't know tryin not to erase very hard can you read this guess that's cool tell me something is your life so pointless you'd actually waste your time reading this wow, I thought I was pathetic then again, there's a sucker born every minute and an ass each second or something like that
my friends are weird my sister's being an ass again my grandmother's yelling my cousin is screaming I can't get any peace I'd draw but I'm out of paper times like this I wish I could look at porn I'm gonna go find my guitar nope left it in the city dammit
I'm leaving now I think Tree's having a meeting or something God, why is the whole world so fucking stupid why do I exist to have such a miniscule life in the grand order of something I don't understand life's a bitch like that.

Well thanks for reading this loser. I hope you get a life soon.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

  My best friend had a mental breakdown. She's not hospitalized or anything. It's just.....TREE CRIED!!! That's a sign of the apocalypse or something.

If she actually DID lose her small grasp on reality, NV would kill himself and I'd never write another decent song in my life. Yeah, my priorities are screwed. I stopped caring a long time ago.

OK, now I'm really bored. I'm going to go take a quiz or something. Then I'm going to sleep. Later.

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