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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I'm really jealous right now. I'm really fucking pissed off. Aparently my sister got into a car accident but shes okee so thats good. Shes just a little scared. But my fucking "BOY FRIEND" lied to me. And about something really stupid too. MYSPACE!! He has never writen a comment to me, and has never writen anything good in PMs either. But hey guess what, Hes writen things to his exgirl freind and his best friend, who happens to be female. And she flits with him on the fucking shit myspace. WTF am I supposed to do?! I've been freaking out so baddly. And over something that seems so stupid. He hasn't called me today and we're trying to have a long distance relationship. How the fuck is this supposed to work. FUCKING HELL... I've got a lump in my throught... I don't want to cry. I fucking hate... i hate... this? He told me beautiful things the other day, but right now I just feel like dying.
but he sang to me... sic transit gloria...

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

   What I haven't been writing in this blog-o-mine.
03.23.06 (10:24 pm)Tomorrow is the Military Ball
This made my Ma crazy evil mad angry with Nefri. something about giving her the wrong day. I'm nervous. I look okee in my dress I guess. Gatta take pictures for my myspace dont I?! what ev, classic black, I was thinking of a light purple one I have, but that'll be another day, yes?
So we are a day off schedual, which I'm sure wouldn't have made a damn difference, we never do anything on time. My bro still hasen't cut his hair, an he has school tomorrow. An WTF? People work on Fridays!! Postpone the damn thing!!! **hate twitch***
But hey I'm really happy!! Tachnicaly I'm not going with any one, I hope this ends up with I want it too. (I wonder if hes got a myspace??) **dreamy sigh**

03.26.06 (12:01 am)Friday Night
Friday Night!! It was probably the best night ever for Nefri!! I spent the morning getting ready. And I actually dumped the guy I was already ganna go with maybe three days before the Military Ball. Soo I didnt go to the Military Ball with anyone. Right.. I got to kinda spend most of the night with Eddy. and we kinda hung out at the beach after the ceremony things and all that was done. when the music came on we went to the beach and he gave me his jacket cause i was freezing. and we like walked around some. an we like i dunno. i really wanted to kiss him. i like kept checking back with seba so he wouldnt come like, looking for meh. and umu. we like ran around. an first sergant kept giving us looks. an umu. like at the end of the night, he kind of.. pulled down his pants. but dun worry. nuthin happened. Wow. Everythings really cool. I dunno. What ev!! LOL I want to see em.

03.26.06 (12:17 am)A Sad Day
Today is my mothers birthday, and Max died. I miss him. Every one was sad. I felt blank. People say, that when those kind of things happen to animals, its because it would've happened to us. Get it? I decided to pray. And thats all. Goodbye.

03.28.06 (11:46 am) The Hook Up
aparenlty my awsome fren hooked me an Eddy up
!! I ish shooo happpyy!! LOL...only... I'm scared of being to clingy, I really want em to kiss meh though!!

OMJ!! My frens were just trying to read dis, so im a little paranoid now. *covering screen*

Weell Bubye!!

04.02.06 (2:34 pm)On Thursday
Me and Eddy, we went to tha beach! yey. I got my first kiss. and then some. lol. theres no way i wouldve done that with ne1 else. I mean. we kissed. then, frenched. yeh. lol nvm!! yu dont need to hear that!. the life gaurd told us to stop though. so i had to put my shirt back on... lol. I want my Eddy-os!!

04.02.06 (2:56 pm) On Friday Night...
Eddy snuk out of his house to see me. We were together until morning and hes my Eddy though and I think, that some of my best close friends, their trying to turn me off from him. and I can tell it'll probably happen if I listen to them. I don't know what to do. I need him...

04.02.06 (3:23 pm)They Were In Love?
Eddy and his ex. They were in love with each other.

And what the fuck do me and him have together? Nothing.

his ex dumpd him an i can tell he still likes her. but i dont care i think ill try an wait till he gets over her. i dunno. i want to b with him

It made me feel so sick. I felt like dying a little. Shes so damn pretty. shes got long blond hair and blue eyes. I just don't know.

04.06.06 (10:20 am)
I don't care if he understands how importent he is to me. I love him. I want to see him. when hes happy i get excited/ a little overjoyed. when hes sad.. when hes mean it hurts. when hes not there i only think of him. i love him. OH and i DONT let him read this blog. This is my blog that no one is supposed to know about. Yu kno how it rely helps to tell people things, but just not the people i kno.
More To Add-- I dont wanna care so much, it'll suck later, like when we cant be together or something like that i will feel awful. what my fucking ma sed today, because she found me sleeping and not at school, was :"your not ganna play with your computer for a month and you cant have a boyfriend." omg!!?? what the fuck? what was that?! WHAT?
what ev. gatta keep it cool. i think if ne thing happens he should break with me, because if i do, it'll only be because im scared (can't say. even to yu. who i will never see) because i wont be able to get over him if i break. i dont want to, i mean that i love him. its just something that i felt like i should think through. even though i gets me sad. but thats just a feeling, wats important is knowing. yeh. nvm. that is all.
More To Add-- OMJ!! thats soo cheesy!!LOL awww. i hadnt realized it. i was, umu.. i dunno. like blissed out. in my erie tranquility moment. yeh its really cool. yu should try it sometime. lol

04.06.06 (3:30 pm)About Me, Nefri!
I have no Idea. Lets see.. Okee!! I have, long hair sortof kindof. Its black, sometimes dark brown... I don't like my feet. I love my toes, and i just wish the whole foot was smaller, but then my ankle would have to be smaller too, and then... I would be like two feet shorter at some point. riigghhtt....?
Well my favorite band is The Mars Volta, and my favorite artist is Kanye West, even though thats not my kind of music, yeh? I used to be really boy crazy, but now I'm like obsessed with one guy (yeh. not ganna say the l-word) I'm like a slut foR My Man! LOL!! Oh, and I don't like to say boy friend, I like to say my man....
This is just ganna go on. yeh.
I made smores like yesterday when my man didn't come over. Yeh, had sticky white stuff all over! LOL! mmm.. smore whore. heehee.
Is there a place named Gawthom City or do I have to take over something and do it myself?
Oh yeh.
Yu kno what, I'm probably bi-polar. But what ev. Not horribly emo right now so fuck it. I hide my feelings, not happyness or good stuff. LOL Would you rather be insane and happy or sad to save your sanity? (Answer that if you read this)
The Rolling Stones are probably the best old band ever. See, I've heard Queen, Los Prisioneros, Metalica, ect. just comparing.
weeelll... I'm ganna learn how to play soccer better. And how to play my guitar.

04.11.06 (9:45 pm) Lifes A Little Funny
I snuk out to see Eddy like two nights this week and the last time he was high. And he told me he loves me, and so did I. But now my mother saw a hicky on my neck and I am forbiden to see my Eddy. TOO CLICHe. after that my friend called him for me and spat all the info of what happened at him. And then today I called him, and it turns out he didnt understand what was going on. Eddy cant be seen or heard of by my family. Today i told him I loved him and he kind of freaked out because he didnt remember the Sunday night. But around he end of the hours long conversation he told me he loves me. All that I want is to be with him. I've got it bad! LOL I want my Eddy, hes got me thinking about him all the time!! LOL I'm ganna see em tonight, THAT HOTTIE! lol

Oh... and our song is Paint it, Black. by The Rolling Stones and I think we have a place now too. Its called monster subs. OMG!!

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Friday, February 24, 2006

   I'm still grounded?
Heheh. Yeh. Not so cool.
See, I MISSED a day of school. So I'm grounded.
No more basic human rights for Nefri! I might even be sold!
But when Ma an the others aren't here to rat on Nefri! I can watch t.v., play on computer, call people! (if i find my phonebook thingy) I REALLY JUST WANNA GET OUT OF THis HOUSE THOUGH!! the walls are closing in o.O
P.S. I like spicy cury!! actually never tasted it, just want some!! + i like to say: SPICY CURY!!
okee bubyeboo!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

survey bitch!
1. Spell your name backward: REFEN

2. Story behind your first name: it means the beautiful or such

3. Whens your birthday: February 4th, 2006

4.Where do you live: my own littl world!! YEY!!


5. Wallet: Its pink and of the fruits basket anime/manga!! Yey.

6. Eyes: Brown. like my shity soul

7. Toothbrush: purple with gummy brisles

8. Jewelery: long earings. i like stars. and silver or white gold

9. Cell Phone: i dunno. I'll be getting it soon

10. Pillow cover right now: Purple

11. Car: I hate cars. Their ugly XP

12. Bedroom: Normal. Very messy because I can never find the right clothes to wear. Also have some cool stuff liying around

13. Sunglasses: I am currently in love w/ my prima's sunglasses!! She left them an when she comes back she'll get them!! Muwahahahah!

15. Cologne/Perfume: I like sweet fruit smelling ones. Hate it when their too strong though.

16. CDs in stereo right now: My own burned ones. Scremo an such. + other rock

17. Piercing: Two holes in each ear.

19. Wish: I HAD A GUY! LMAO

20. Wanting: a motorcycle

21. What are you doing After this: sleeping

22. If you could get away with it and murder anyone who would it be: Sorry. I'd never.

23. Person you wish you could see right now: I can't say that! What if he reads this?!

25. Something you're looking forward to in the coming week: I don't know. I guess I'll have to plan something, huh?

27. Something you are deathly afraid of: Lonelyness, Losing my loved ones, admiting things, being rejected.

28. Do you like candles: I like to play with them. Don't really like them though.

29. Do you like incense: sure

30. Do you like the taste of blood: Yeh, actually. metaly, like when we bite our lips or something.

31. Do you believe in love: I don't understand your question! I think I do, or used to.

32. Do you believe in love at first sight: No, Thats why I'm confusing myself right now!!

34. Do you believe in Heaven: An after-life. Not clouds, but the harps yes.

35. Do you believe in God: yeh

39. Can you eat with chopsticks: sortof. sometimes I battle w/ the stix, sometimes I can click em together!?

40. What's your favorite coin: Half Dollar

41. What are some of your favorite colors: Red, YeLloW!!

43. What's something you wish you could understand better: Myself? dun ask

44. Who did you last kiss: ... Ma? LMAO!!

45. Who did you last text: I dun have a cell. Sorry

47. Are you shy around your crush: OMJesus!! Yes!! I don't know what to do with myself around him!

49. Do you know what it feels like to be in love: No... =(

50. Would you sacrifice your favorite possession for your best friend?: hmm.. leme think! !LOL!! sure

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Monday, February 13, 2006

   Hey all!!
thanks for the awful chain letters people! LOL OMyJezus! I really hate those chains!
W/e not important. im back baybe!! and since i have like a zillion other online journals heres the one from yester day. yu see im reposting that junk! LOL. sorry. these are seconds

From My MySpace Account:http://www.myspace.com/nefri

2:41 PM - E-mail Female
Current mood: hungry

!Hi Ai!! Was good!?

granparents are here. thats good. I miss my ma still. LOL. mommy

ne who! vamos hacer un asado. so i decided not to eat n such. wait ya kno? w/e. they always make a mess of it. too much. always. all ze tym.

im hungry... LOL

!!bubye ai!

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