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Hey people. You have reached my sight and now you can see my otakuness. i hope that i can make the sight so alot of people will visit. Well in any case you can PM me and give me hints on what to do better. Hope you enjoy.
Some things about me: I am an anime fan and some of my favorite animes are FUMOFU, Naruto, and Samurai Champloo. I am 16 years old, a junior in High school, and as for my real name, youll have to ask me. sopm ethings i love to do are hang out with my friends, play vid games, and watch TV.
Well I guess if you want to know mosre about me youll have to PM me or sign my GB (if you do ill try to sign urs) Well ill catch u all later.
Ja Ne!
" A samurai lives everyday expecting death, as for me, I live everyday expecting happiness." < (I made that)

Monday, June 26, 2006

i now have two rooms!!!
I have now two rooms. an entertainment room and then my bedroom. Its pretty sweet and it gave me much more room for my anime stuff. i jus wish i had more anime posters cuz my bedroom is naked in that part.
I cant wait till '08-'09 school year though. My japanese brother can probably come here for a year and go to my school. Im goin to be out of school but i still cant wait for him to be here so i can see him again. He so awesome.
Well i must go now and do chores and stuff. so ill talk to you all again later.
Ja Ne!!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Nothing really
So yea... Its been a while since i made a post on here, so basically this is a brief update.
Well im in summerschool for two classes which suck majorly. At least summer school isnt to hard. ^.^
Anyways, I'm right now in the process of starting my own band and ive had troubles wit the name. Some people say i should go with Crescent Hearts and some (most) say i should go with Kind Souls Lay to Rest. Basically i need help from ppl on here to decide, and if you can come up with a sweet name in japanese then go ahead and tell me, id b more than happy to think of using it.

Well im goin to go now cuz of stupid Summer school tomorrow. so ill talk to you all later and i will try to update a lil more often.

Ja Ne!!!!!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

New band
Hey everyone. so i was looking at a japanese music magazine and i found this band called Phantasmagoria.. THEY ROCK!!! as soon as i found them i came home and started looking them up to find out stuff on them. onlly thing i seemed to find was that they were goth rock.. i was listening to some of their music though and they actually sound rather good. im goin to try and put up a wallpaper of them once i can find one..
Well illl tallk to you all later. i have to go and eat sumtin now.
Ja Ne!!

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