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Sunday, November 26, 2006

accounts...headaches...apologies...and stuff...
ezza guyz. soz i havnt been on in ages. many other things to do. youtube...Lj...Blogger...Groups...yea. alot of crap.

i added my fav song up ther^ for any of u who wants ta listen to it. im sure not...right now i have a headache from drinking tea with too much sugar and sitting here staring at the computer glare @.@

sad really.

i think i should iether turn on the light and continue to work on my accounts on the comp, or just go lie down for a bit...i think i like the stay here one better...a few friends im waiting for should be online again soon enough...

if anybody's interested, they can check out my latest posts here:


here are the links to my other accounts on other sites too btw...








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Sunday, November 5, 2006

anne's still at the HOSTABATIBBLY!!! and i still aint aware of her whereabouts ><

iv REALLY gotsta search up hospatible in the dictionary so as to quit making an ass of myself on the net...MEH i cant be stuffed *huge grin* BESIIIIIIDES i have fun makin an ass out of myself ALL da tym :D

wut i REALLY gotsta serch up is my friends whereabouts...

well thts all i gots fr now pplz, LATERZ!

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

wuts happenin with me? NOTHING!!! YEAH! FOR ONCE! NOTHING!!!

well apart form the fact that my friend anne got hit by a car and me n ma homies dont know where she is so we cant visit her...which, i dont know about my friends, but i, personally, am REALLY ticked off by.
iv tried a couple of times to reach them at home but they werent there. prolly with anne at the hospital...sorry if iv spelt hospitle wrong but iv forgotten how to spell it...-.-

so, catch yaz all later guyz!!!

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