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Sunday, January 15, 2006

   hey pplz!

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hey pplz! whats up? not much here.
well how are all you guys? i'm ok..just bored. i mentioned in one of my posts that i was going to my hometown for Christmas..and now i'm staying here with my dad, step mom, step bro, and sister lol. yeah and its in the most boring state in the country, if you ask me. if you guess it right you win a cookie, lol. moving from Las Vegas to here is well weird and boring. *sigh* and i'm also in a different time zone..i used to be in Pacific and now i'm in Central..two hours faster. *heavy sigh* well i think i should stop boring you now lol. one thing i'm happy about is that i *might* be able to finally get on Yahoo soon.
i'll try and get to some sites tonight and tomorrow.
well hope you all have a nice day!
ttfn and ja ne!

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lol more huggiez plz!thankiez!^-^
yay i finally adopted a pet! aint she cute?^-^
listen to this video its awesome!^^