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Friday, June 8, 2007

been a while
I blame these guys

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Vampire Rave

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

hell yeah

Vixen Adeptly Made for Pleasure and Yummy Recreation

Get Your Sexy Name

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chapter two : Hatake. This chapter has sex in it between my best freind and Kashi. This is to you HellKaisersAngel

The Kazekage project
Chapter Two: Hatake

Stephanie walked slowly into her last class of the day. She had skipped the last two classes, searching for her younger 'sister' Kagalli. She had disappeared during lunch. Slumping into her desk, she sighed as she felt at least six different boys eye her legs and clevledge. Even dressed in a black and red tunic and a pair of shorts under it, she was still the hottest thing in this class of little preps with their flat chests and little waists. The bell rang at 2:47 and for a moment, the eyes left her and locked on the door but no one entered. After five minutes the class started pulling out CD players, iPods and cell phones.
Around 3:00, the door opened and a young looking man with silver hair walked in. His white dress shirt was half buttoned and untucked from his light blue jeans as he tossed a black backpack over the desk. "Sorry I'm late, kiddies. Had to help a nice woman across the road." He smiled as he gazed across the room.
"Mr. Hatake?" one little Asian girl raised her hand and smile sweetly at him.
"NO." He said bluntly, scaring the girl. "None of the formal 'Mr. Hatake' stuff. I'm Kakashi. It's what my parents and my friends call me, so I expect you to do the same." Then he gave them all a big smile. The girls in the class all started giggling and the guys rolled their eyes. Stephanie just stared at him, noticing the dog tags that hung from a silver chain around his neck and the light scar etched into the skin over his left eye. His right eyes was the color of pure liquid mercury while she saw flakes of red float through the left. He had a lean figure and couldn't be more than 26 or 27 years old, quiet young for a teacher.
Then, the most awesome thing happened. His silver eyes locked with her blue ones and he winked at her, making her cheeks turn red and her blond hair fall forward to hide the blush. She watched him through her bangs for the rest of class as he explained what the class was going to be.
Finally, the last bell rang and the other kids bolted from the room, finally free to do what ever. Stephanie slowly packed her bag before she heard the click of the door shutting. She looked up to see Kakashi with a cigarette lit in his mouth, offering her one. "Your new to this school, right?"
Stephanie nodded, taking the cigarette and lighting it. "Yeah, but the school looks pretty cool. And your class sounds like it’s gonna be fun." She gave him a little smile. She was flirting, rather shamelessly, on her first day of school. But then again, he had started it.
Maybe a little more fun for you than others. You were watching my ass whenever I went to write on the board." He smiled when she blushed.
"I-I was not! I was admiring your back pockets. Very nice jeans." Stephanie stumbled over her words, feeling more embarrassed by the moment.
Kakashi leaned over and caught her lips with his, giving her a slow kiss before pulling back. "I won't lie to you. I was looking your lovely body over every chance I got. But what caught my gaze the most was..." He paused for a moment. Stephanie knew what he was thinking. He had probly been staring at her breasts like everyone else. You think they had never seen a double D 36 before. It was sad when boys tried to complement them. "You’re dazzling cerulean eyes, looking so feisty and rebellious through your shining blonde hair." That statement almost made her fall off the desk. He actually knew her eye color! A true sign a man is looking at you, not just your body.
"You really like them?" She asked shyly, smiling a little.
"I like every part of you." Kakashi said right before he kissed her again. "Can I show you how much I like you?" He asked slowly.
HOLY SHIT!!!!! Kakashi, the hottest piece of man meat she had ever seen, wanted to know if she would let him sleep with her. All she could do was smile and nod yes to him. Kakashi smiled back, picking her up and setting her on his desk. He stood between her spread legs, slowly kissing her lips and neck, sliding her tunic's shoulders off with every kiss. One hand slid under her skirt, pulling her closer to him while the other one unclipped her bra. He licked her nipple slowly, nipping it as it got hard and his hand slipped into her panties. Pulling his mouth away, he laid her back on the desk, pulling the tunic off of her and tossing it near her bra. His teeth grabbed the ribbon that held her underwear together, pulling the bow loose and baring her clit to him as he licked her slowly, sliding his tongue over her already wet pussy.
A little moan escaped her throat as his tongue snaked into her, stroking her as he ate her out so slowly, it practically drove her mad. "Kashi..." She muttered quietly.
"yeah Steph?" He looked up her body to her face, admiring how the sunlight bathed her beautiful skin. He was really hard himself, all her little sighs and gasps turning him on till his cock was pressed against his jeans painfully.
"I-I m so wet....I want you now..." She had to concentrate on her words to get a full sentence because the moment his mouth had moved away, his fingers had replaced it, stroking her pussy faster and faster, just making her wetter.
Kakashi shoved off his jeans quickly, his boxers following as he climbed onto the desk, hovering over her. He kissed her softly before asking. "You sure?" very quietly, practically a whisper. In reply she just wrapped a leg around his hips and pulled him into her, arching her back to take him as deep as he could get. Kakashi shuddered in pleasure for a moment before he started to thrust into her, squeezing her breast as he licked, kisses and sucked on her, shoving harder, deeper with every sigh and moan she made. He couldn't get enough of her.
Stephanie was so wet, feeling his cock move in and out so fast, hitting that sensitive spot as his cock started to throb with every thrust he made. She was so close to coming. She could tell he was too as he panted hard. He shoved as hard as he could, going so deep as he erupted into her, his cum filling her up and making her orgasm, scream his name as she came "Kakashi!!!!!"

"Steph? Steph, wake up." Kakashi muttered as he kissed her. They were lying on a mat in the middle of the classroom. The desk had gotten a little shaky after the first, like seven or eight times. "It's like 5:30. We need to get outta here before the janitors come to clean up our...mess." he said happily as he got up. Stephanie tried to stand but her legs were numb. So he helped her stand, having to help her get dressed before carrying her to his car. "You wanna go home?" He asked her as he started the mustang.
"No. My sister would kill me. Is there anywhere else we can go?" She asked slowly as she buckled up.
"I know a place." He took off out of the parking lot, going way over the speed limit, his car handling the curves easily. He stopped outside an ally way, carrying her down a metal staircase before knocking on a door. "Open up. A flame needs lit." he called through the door and it opened to loud music. "sound proofed." He smiled as he waded through the crowd to the bar.
Stephanie saw some bright red haired boy kissing some girl as his hands wandered up her shirt and into her pants. She just shrugged until she realized it was Kagalli when the boy moved to her neck. “Kagalli Iza Tali!!!” Stephanie yelled as she stumbled from Kakashi’s arms.
The red head boy just kept going even when Kagalli shoved against him. “Gaara, stop it.” She whispered urgently, knowing she was in trouble. Stephanie reached forward and jerked Gaara’s arm back hard, making him look up at her.
“Who’d the bitch?” Gaara asked, still playing with Kagalli's breasts, smirking at every moan he got. "And why is she at our meeting place? She's not one of mine. Sasuke! Is this bitch one of yours?"
Sasuke glanced up from Naruto and some girl, both trying despratly to hide the multiple hickies that dotted their necks. "Nope, but I call her. She looks like a sweet peice of ass." He snapped, his people stopping the music and turning on the lights. "Who brought you here, little miss chica?" He asked as he patted Naruto's blonde hair before Naruto retreated to Haku's side.
"I did." Kakashi sspoke up, stepping infront of Stephanie protectivly. "Our alone time went overboard and she didn't wanna go home."
Sasuke smirked slowly, playing with the girls dark hair. "Fine, since he spoke up for you, you may have a room. But only if you leave Gaara's new pet alone with him. She keeps him quiet with that fiesty little tounge of hers." Sasuke laughed as he pulled t his girl back onto the couch and the music started back up. After all, Gaara and Sasuke's words were law.
"Don't worry about Kitten. Her marks will be gone by morning. Gaara only scars me." A boy smiled pulling off his shirt, Showing off his scars. Stephanie looked up at his face and almost fell back. His face was so much like a girl's, She wouldn't have known if he hadn't tooken his shirt off. "By the way, I'm Haku, Gakaru Haku. " He pulled his shirt back on silently and let Stephanie read it. 'If you think this shirt is tight...'
"Very witty." Stephanie sighed. She was tired and sore, but so determined to watch Kagalli. "Kitling. We're going home!" She shoved Gaara off of her sister, grabbing Kagallli's wrist and dragged her outta the club.
"Hey! My labtop!" Kagalli yelled but Stephanie ignored her, pushing her sister in and locking the doors as she started KAkashi's car. She raced out, parking the car real quick into their homes driveway.
"Get upstairs and cover up your neck tomarrow. You let him mark you good." Stephanie tossed her jacket over Kagalli's shoulders as she stomped upstairs.
"Where have you two been!?"

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Thursday, April 5, 2007

this is halarious

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Monday, April 2, 2007

charater outlines I guess for the kazekage project
Main characters....
Main boys

Gaara Kazekage, age 17. Ice green eyes and flaming red hair. Has a scar that reads love in Japanese, a completely lost emotion on him. A junior at Kawaii high and an insane psycho who was held back a grade after having a slight breakdown after he found out he was an incest child. Most would think emo but no, he's bi. A punk ass Goth who likes to start fights and finish them violently. A complete insomniac, he hardly ever sleeps. Drinks and smokes and is very distant to almost everyone. He pieced his nose and eyebrow twice and even has a lip ring if her thinks about putting it in the morning. Teachers consider him a lost cause and he has a sister named Temari and a dead brother who was named Kankuro. Friends with Haku Gakuru, Neji Hyuuga and Shino Aburame...and sometime Sasuke Uchiha. Naruto Uzamaki also hangs with them

Kakashi Hatake, Age 23. Sliver hair and dark eyes. Their new social studies teacher. not exactly a normal teacher he teaches funny and enjoys hanging with the juniors and seniors. It's a temp job for him and he'll move on soon. he’s a cool punk teacher and Stephanie hangs with him allot. might like him. No clue yet. He's lazy and most of the time late with stupid excuses. he has a cool scar over his eyes and we'll find out how he got it later. He's pretty weird and we can't figure him out yet. We’ll be back later with more info.

Sasuke Uchiha, age 16. Black blue hair and coal black eyes that scare people. Sometimes seem to be a dark red but few ever see them red. He is determined to murder his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, in a merciless attack of complete pain...don't wait up on it. Itachi has been missing since right after the Uchiha massacre. He is a junior At Kawaii high and a bit of a weirdo, he avoids everyone if he can and all the girls thinks he's a complete hottie. He hates them all and they have fan clubs. he pierced his eyebrow, nose lip and ears but only wears jewelry every now and then. He also has several spike bracelets he likes. He's not emo even though that's his style and he has mixed in some punk ass Goth. He enjoys fighting with Gaara even though it ends with a bloody standoff most of the time, especially when his gang, Loyalty Ink, gets involved. He drinks and smokes allot, especially when he skips school to hang out at his club, Sharigan. He opened it with his parent's money. He is alone in his world, letting Gaara near him occasionally and he's "friends" with Shikamaru Naruto and Shino Aburame. He even let's Naruto Uzamaki hang out with him when he can stand it.

Main Girls

Kagalli Tali, Age 15. Dyed red hair and purple eyes. A true computer Sorceress She is constantly messing with some sort of electronic. She hates the constant blare of human conversations around her so she wears headphones and blasts the rockin music to drown it out. She is a new sophomore at the Kawaii School and is starting to hang out with garra and the other bloodbringers in his gang. She pieced her belly button and her ears up to the catarledge but doesn't have them all the way up. Her lip ring is simple silver at the left side of it, looking pretty cool. She doesn't wear that much girly stuff except when she's at home. She's a total Goth and wades into punk sometimes. Her poison is incense, which she gets high off of and vodka has always been a favorite She's still making friends.

Stephanie Cohen, Age 17, long blonde hair and cerulean eyes. Kagalli's older sister. She's the middle sister and she actually likes hanging with people and talking...allot. She likes to dress up in awesome outfits her younger sister designs and sews for her. So she always looks hot in punk Goth gear. She pieced her belly button, her ears several times, her eyebrow and wears a small diamond stud in her nose. She was once a cutter because of her father's demented rein of venomas terror. She makes friends quickly. Just wait and see. her poison is corona and she smokes. She is a total senior

Valkyra Hallowell, age 18. brown hair that she dyed dark blue and blue eyes. elder sister of Stephanie and KAgalli. She is the true punk of the family, wearing allot of blues and is most of the time the wisest sister. She has allot of fun and loves to talk and laugh. She can play the guitar. She hangs around Sasuke allot and the other Avengers. She want to kill her father, Orochimaru who killed her mother but escaped the crooked legal system She lived with him for almost 13 years, since she was 5 years old before she took her sisters and ran away, changing their last names back to each of their dead parents name. Valkyra and Kagalli have the same mother but Kagalli's father was Koichi Tali. Caroline was the last to die of their mothers. Emily was killed first, she was also Stephanie's mother. Her past sucks but she's working on healing her mind and body. She pierced her ears only, trying to be subtle. She doesn't drink or smoke and yells at her sisters for doing...allot. She is also a senior
Side characters


Shino Aburame, Age 18. Black hair and dark brown eyes. He doesn't talk....ever. He's not mute but he doesn't like talking. He's a senior at Kawaii and hates just about everybody. He gets quite a few fans and he ignores them. he's a punk, not really a Goth. He hangs with Gaara and Sasuke, though never at the same time. That would be a walking headache. his poison is vodka shooters. An only child, he prefers to hangs out with Shikamaru, the lazy shirker. He also pierced the upper catalege of his ear and wears rings and cuffs on it.

Shikamaru Naru, age 17. Dark brown hair and brown eyes, he is a shoe in for laziest shirker of the year. He hates most people that makes him do anything. He's a junior...barely....at Kawaii high. He hangs out with Sasuke mainly to critsize him. He's just a gothic punk rocker and his favorite poison is cigarettes and beer. just pieced his ears for the cool look. He's an only child.

Neji Hyuuga, Age 18. White blue eyes and black hair. He's a smartass who loves to tell people they suck. He thinks it's his destiny to become head of the Hyuuga clan but most people doubt it. His younger Cousin Hinata he has no direct siblings but lets hinata hang with him is the most likely canadate so he doesn't have a chance. He scars people with his pale skin and eyes shrouded by his dark hair. he's just a Goth, scary...really scary Goth but still a Goth. he likes to smoke and drink, but hardly ever seems to be drunk. He pieced his lower lip and wears either a sliver ring or a silver stud.

Haku Gakuru, Age 18. Black hair and hazel eyes. HE IS A BOY! no matter how he looks. He's emo but a guy. He looks so cool most of the time, only wearing the stupid robes when he's at home. he hate most humans and is a bit of a cutter but no one minds cause he hangs with Gaara Kazekage. NAruto thought he was a girl for about...3, 4 months. Weirdo right? I think he's really cool. He only pierced his lip and upper ear once. his favorite cutting too are the shape needles he wears in his hair.

Naruto Uzamaki, age 16. Blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Naruto is the most annoying obnoxious and dumbassed student at Kawaii high school. He's cute when he acts deep or actually thinks (not often). He likes everybody and is determined to be friends with Gaara and Sasuke, at the same time. Weirdo...He pierced his ears when he was like 10, for a dare and it worked. He is a totally wild drunk and it's fun to watch. He doesn't smoke often but when he does it's not for long because he use to have asma. He's sorta a punk Goth but his a little too happy for most tastes. He tries to stay away from girl ish stuff because he's such a pretty boy and it's just sad that he looks like a girl.

Sasuke Fan Club girls...

Ino Yamanaka and Sakura Haruno, Both ages 15. Ino has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Her and Saukra, Pink hair and blue green eyes, have been friends since they were little. they constantly hang out together even though they fight over Sasuke. He hates them both but they're slow. Sakura is the captain of the cheerleading squad and the pep club. Ino is the vice president, often at Sakura's side. Sakura dated Gaara once to see if Sasuke would get jealous. Gaara only hung around her for about an hour before dumping her on her ass. She was pissed now annoys them all. Gaara calls her 'That Whore Saukra' and Ino is know as 'Bitchy Princess' most of the time.

Tayauya age 23 is the only fan girl ever document for fanning over Gaara and SAsuke. At the same time. She's actually been with them both several times even though she's their music teacher.

Others that meet up with them

Koji Hikari, Age 17. Black blue hair and green eyes. He's hot, he's cool and he's gay. This boy kicks ass. He's a Goth even though his father hates him for being gay and his mom hates the color black on him. He dyed his hair black anyways just to do it. He hangs around Kagalli and Haku, and indirectly, Gaara. Surrounded by some of the worst influences this is gonna be interesting. He's a junior at Kawaii. he pierced his ears and he has an awesome tattoo of a dragon on his wrist that curls onto his hand. His poison is beer..alot of it.

Hinata Hyuuga, Age 15. Brown hair and white blue eyes. She is Neji's younger cousin and next in line for the clan leader. She is quiet and shy and tails after her cousin to hang out with naruto. She really cool even if she is beyond silent and adorable. Kagalli huggles her allot because she is cute. She's a sophomore at Kawaii. She only smokes incense since it's not illegal, she is so innocent like that.

Kiba Inuzuka, Age 16. Brown hair and red brown eyes. He's one of Gaara's gang and bouncers, always carrying around akumaru, his seemingly harmless puppy. He a shovanistic pig but he is so in love with Hinata it's not funny...It's hilarious. He tries to seem a non-smoker/ drinker around Hinata but his poisons are Bourbon and smokes, allot of it. He's a junior at Kawaii.

send opions

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The kazekage project
This is a story I wrote with a few made up charaters. alot of them are bi too so watch out.

The Kazekage Project
Chapter 1: Blood bringers
A pair of eyes were watching him. He had felt it the moment that they had fallen on him. He was sitting on top of his table outside, the one in the corner beside the only big tree and shade in the entire courtyard. His gang, the blood bringers were talking, yelling and acting stupid as usual and all he could think about was the annoying gaze he felt watching him.
"Gaara?" One of the bloods were waving their hand in front of his face and Gaara snapped out of it, his ice green eyes focusing in on the boy's face.
"What Haku?" Gaara asked in a low growl as he shoved back his flaming red hair with a hand. He could still feel the stare on him and it was starting to hit a nerve. " I wasn't listening. What'd you say?" It was his lover and best friend who had waved, Haku Gakuru.
Haku sighed and chuckled, tossing his long black hair out of his hazel eyes and over his shoulder. Haku always looked like such a girl. "I had just asked if you wanted me to get you something to eat? I'm about to go buy mine." Haku had taken off his black jacket, revealing a HIM t-shirt. "I knew you weren't listening." Haku leaned over and kissed his cheek. "That girl with the laptop and headphones. See her? Dark red hair with goggles? She is the one watching you." He straightened up and hopped off of the table. "I'll get you a hamburger and some chips like always."
Gaara nodded absently as he turned his eyes to the girl Haku had mentioned. She was sitting alone on the far wall, typing away with one hand and bobbing her head to the music as she ate a burger with the other. She was glancing up at him occasionally, before going back to typing. Defentlily the one with the stare. "Naruto.... Neji...See the girl with the goggles and short red hair? 'Convince' her to come eat with us." He was silent for a moment before adding quietly "Unharmed if you can manage." He smirked happily "That means Naruto talks, Neji." Neji and Naruto nodded and Naruto hopped off happily.
Gaara knew Naruto was a blond idiot ADD kid with basically no brain but he knew how to talk circles around peoples if he thought about it. He was also an adorable and made friend with other kids easy. Neji was just scary force, with his blue white eyes, pale skin and black hair. He watched half interested as Naruto draped his head in front of the laptop screen, acting like his bright blue eyes were reading the words. The dark haired girl looked surprised, pulling off one side of her headphones. Naruto looked up at her with a smile and said something. She smiled back, talking quickly as Neji just stood off to the side. After a couple minutes of watching the talk, Neji looked to Gaara. Gaara motioned him to hurry as Haku handed him his food and soda.
Neji smirked. , picking up her backpack and walking back towards Gaara's tables. "Hey!" the girl yelled, shoving the headphones onto her neck and closed her laptop before running after Neji. Naruto followed slowly, looking happy even though he failed miserably. She reached the tables and glared at Neji as he handed her the backpack like he had been carrying it for her. "Why did you take my backpack?" She asked blatantly.
"I wanted to meet you and Naruto was taking too long to talk you into it." Gaara answered before Neji could reply. "I am Gaara Kazekage. Who might you be?"
The girl looked defiantly at him as she shrugged her backpack onto her shoulder. "Why should I tell you?" She asked Gaara as she kept glaring, a strand of her dark red hair falling in front of bright purple eyes.
"Sorry about my boyfriend." A pretty girl held out her hand to the red head and shook hands. "I'm Haku Gakuru. I think Gaara Kun may just want you to sit with him at lunch and be a friend." She smiled pretty for her. "Will you please tell me what to call you so I don't have to refer to you as 'that girl'?"
"Oh, I'm sorry Haku. I am Kagalli Tali, but you can call me, Kit." Kagalli smiled as Haku hugged her and kissed her on the lips, making her 'eep'.
"By the way..." Haku smiled at her as Kagalli blushed bright red. "I'm a boy." That made Kagalli's jaw just drop as she looked at Haku. He was prettier than she was. Now that is just sad. "Come and have a seat." Haku shoved Kiba Inuszuka, another flunky, off of the table and patted the tabletop for Kagalli to sit down.
"Oh...okay." Kagalli smiled and hopped onto the table as the gang just kept moving around at her, shaking hands on occasion and tuging up her mini disk player's volume. "So you just want me to sit here next to you? That seems a little stupid." Kagalli told Gaara as he took a large gulp of his soda before pulling out a bottle of vodka and mixing it in.
"Course not." Gaara smirked and pulled out his phone. Pushing 6 and send, he put the phone to his ear. After a second he smiled. "Uchiha, you skipping next? Good, meet me at Sharingan. See ya." He flipped his phone shut and looked at Kagalli. "What do you have next?" Gaara asked her half interested.
"Biology...I think." She answered, looking at him copiously.
"Well you thought wrong. We're skippin' out Bloods, Sharigan after lunch." Gaara yelled as called out before Haku leaned over him and kissed Gaara long and hard. Kagalli glared at them slightly, thinking about the kiss she got earlier from Haku. "Feeling left out?" Gaara asked as he let go of a panting Haku and pulling Kagalli close and kissing her too. Kagalli liked the kiss until he bit her tongue, making her jerk away.
"Hey!" Kagalli whined as she scooted away. "You could of asked first!" Kagalli poked her tongue as she felt Gaara watching her blood. She pulled her tongue back into her mouth and waited, opening her laptop once again. "When's lunch over?" She asked absently.
A bell rang and everyone started to walk away. "Now." Gaara smirked, Standing up and swinging a book bag over his shoulder as Haku picked up a couple books and Kagalli shoved her laptop into her own bag. "Kit." Gaara hopped down in front have Kagalli and grabbing her wrist. "Let's go." He pulled her along as his gang went out the doors, hopping into their cars and trucks.
One teacher came outside, looking at Kagalli with dismay. "Not again..." Kagalli heard the teacher mumble as he tried not to chase them down and get his newest student back.
"Sorry...." Kagalli whispered as Gaara handed her a black helmet as he pulled one on his own head, smiling that annoyingly creepy smile.
"You don't have a car yet, right?" Gaara asked as he straddled a black motorcycle. When she shook her head, he patted the seat behind him as Haku got into a black convertible, waving to Kagalli. "Hop on. Haku has his own car so I need a new rider." Gaara revved his bike, looking back at Kagalli. She stood there for a second before setting her stuff in Haku's back seat next to Gaara's and swinging a leg over the bike. "Now hold on, kitten." Gaara laughed before driving off suddenly, making Kagalli grab a hold of his waist tightly.
As they drove down the street, a line of cars branching off onto side streets, calling back to Gaara who ignored them, Kagalli started thinking. 'What a strange boy.... So conceited but I get a constant feeling of twisted rage from him.' She held tighter as they turned quickly. "What's wrong with you...?" Kagalli didn't realize she had said it until Gaara looked back at her.
"I'll tell you later if you really think you can handle it." Gaara smirked as he popped a wheely, making Kagalli scream. "Ha!" Gaara yelled as he skidded his bike to a stop in front of a dark shadowed set of stairs where a boy was leaning against the wall next to them. Kagalli recognized this boy already. His blue black hair gave it away and those creepy coal black eyes told unspeakable horrors. It was Sasuke Uchiha, junior badass and punk Goth sex god. He had his own fan club and all the girls drooled over him and he just glared. "Yo Sasuke! It open?" Gaara called as he dropped his helmet in the side bags, motioning for Kagalli to follow.
"Who does this whore belong to?" Sasuke asked, looking Kagalli up and down. She was wearing a fishnet covered black tank top and a black pair of Goth jeans with a skirt over them.
Kagalli was about to hit him in the face when Haku draped his jacket over her shoulders, covering her bare shoulders and her cool black tank top. "Gaara wants her in." Was all Haku said before leading Kagalli through the club doors. Sasuke shrugged and headed in, letting Gaara kiss him as their gangs flooded in behind them, toating beer and smokes. Haku and Kagalli sat down at the bar, looking unsure at all of this. She had put her headphones back on, blasting her music again, loud enough for Haku to hear it and bob his head to the music. Haku had noticed she turns up her music when she wanted to avoid people. Haku handed her the backpack she had set in his car. Kagalli set it on the bar and smiled at Haku.
"Thanks....What did you mean Gaara wants me in? I don't understand." Kagalli looked around the bar, noticing the crowd splitting into two groups, one on each side, leaving only Gaara, Sasuke, Naruto and Shino in the middle of the room.
"Hello, Inks and Bloods. We've got a new recruit to welcome!" Gaara shouted to the entire bar, pointing to Kagalli, who was shoved to her feet and stumbled into the middle of the room with Gaara and Sasuke. "This nice little piece is named Kagalli Tali. Apparently her nickname is Kit, Should we let her in?" Gaara announced to the guys, getting a roaring yes in reply.
"Let the initiation begin..." Sasuke chuckled as he grabbed Kagalli around the waist and kissed her. She squeaked and stomped down on his toe. Sasuke fell back cursing in three different languages, making everyone laugh.
"I should of warned you against that one..." Gaara just smirked at Sasuke as Kagalli wiped her lips repeatedly. "Haku got away with it because he looks like a girl and she was glaring at us for kissing so I got to kiss her but she shoved away when I bit her. I think she is totally picky." Gaara was trying so hard not to laugh in Sasuke face but gave up quickly.
Sasuke stood up and punched Gaara hard in the jaw, glaring at Kagalli as he stalked towards her. Kagalli raised her fist, ready to fight only to have Gaara hit him in the stomach. Sasuke gagged for a second as Gaara smirked back at Kagalli. "You okay, kitten? You do have to fight your way in but I'm the only one to hit that Uchiha bastard."
Sasuke came up again and Kagalli stepped forward before Gaara could, stopping his toes and kneeing him in the gut, making the Inks get up and rush towards their leader. Shikamaru helped Sasuke up as he coughed. "Bitch." He spat at Kagalli. "Gaara, your new chicky packs a punch. I wouldn't tick her off." Sasuke laughed slightly as he thumped back on the couch.
"I think that was a good enough initiation. She's in, right Gaara?" Haku laughed, hugging Kagalli again. When Gaara nodded, Haku cheered. "What's your poison, Kit-kun?" Haku asked as he rubbed his face up against hers.
"Vodka shooters if I can have some." Kagalli giggled happily . She was in a badass gang with allot of new friends and it was only her first day of school at Kawaii high school. This was certainly a record. And the leader of her gang...Gaara was totally sexy with his pale skin...icy green eyes and that hot scar on his forehead. His black tee shirt trimmed in fishnet and those nice jeans that hugged his ass.... She liked him...even if he was a bit of a psycho...It was still really sexy. Kagalli shook her head when she realized she had been staring at him.
"Don't worry. We all have realized he's a hot psycho. I use to zone out staring out at him...Then I slept with him and now I can stare at him when we're together." Haku handed Kagalli the vodka.
"Well I don't have a chance then. Why are all the gay ones hot?" She mumbled as she downed the vodka in one gulp before grimacing.
"Um, You have a chance. Believe me Kit-kun. He's not gay. He's bi and he likes girls mostly. I think he slept with me because watch this." Haku undid his ponytail and smiled up at Kit. "How do I look?"
"Like a chick."

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