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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Today my school was on new AGAIN. This time it was for a lockdown. It started around 8:30 and lasted for about 3 hours. It was quite in my classroom and then all of a sudden the principle come on sceaming lockdom lockdown. So then the whole school went on lockdown. at frist I the someone went crazy and had gun. Turn they were having a drug search. And thank to this mean Teacher, Miss Griggs, about 700 cellphone got take up. Some part of the school were luck, because the police didn't check that hard. If they did I proibity would have my mp3 player right.

Most students were trying to hide they cellphone in their cloths, bras, and underwear. Some teacher even helped their students hid their cellphones. The worst thing is the some of the police dude got a little tooo friend when they were searching the students. They didn't just check the sides of the person but also the front and back. Even grabbing on people to make sure they won't hiding anything. Lots and lots of parent are right now mad at the school for this, the taking up of cellphones, and taling away some kids inhalers. May school only make the new bad stuff happen but never NHS, the rich school,.

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