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Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Welcome to Demon Eyes Rain’s O Site…

Demon Eyes Kyo was once called the thousand man slayer because he killed a thousand men in one epic battle and had the red eyes of a demon. My friends call me rain because everywhere I go, I bring the rain. Whether it’s from clouds or from the eyes and cheeks. I bring the rain...

Kyoshiro, do you miss Kyo?:


If your button is on here that means you have helped me out a great deal. I give credit where credit is do. Thanks…


Wow, this term sure did kick the hell out of me! Put up a pretty good fight but i came out on top! A's in my classes so thats awesome. Now for the bad news... I broke my Alice this summer.

On the fourth of july to be exact. I buired the needle on the highway and was going somewhere between 140-160, atleast that is what my friends and i think. It was so much fun i couldn't let up. Now i have paid the price. Turns out i melted the tops of the pistions to cylindors 7 and 8. I have heard of many car break storys but i haven't met anyone who has melted pistions. Not that i'm proud... hahaha.

I'm sad cause i haven't been able to drive her since the 4th and i am going off to college and won't beable to take her with me cause i have no garage for her. she has to stay at my folks home till my return. this will be tough for me. not to mention the money i will now have to pay... aahhahhhh. I know there are others with bigger problems out there then me and i'm sorry i haven't been on here but i have had a lot on my plate but i've just about finished it all so i predict more involvment toward my O friends. Thanks guys and girls for hangin in there!!
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