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Monday, April 7, 2008

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Hey everyone =)
Thanks for all your sweet comments. It cheered me up a little when I read them, but today I was more sad than I was yesterday.
Those two friends who said that they would sitll be my friends, didn't act as friends at all today.
I sat next to friend #1 in Jap class, she pretended that I wasn't even there. I offered her my text book to borrow (she didn't bring it) but she completely ignored me and started to talk to the person on the other side of her.
I then asked her, "are you just going to ignore me or what?"
And all she said was "I dunno."
After school on the bus, she still pretended that I wasn't there. It was if she had been avoiding me, and made it really obvious during the day...

Person #2 said hi to me back after I said hi. We were sitting down in class, but she completely passed me, and seemed reluctant to sit next to me, as if I had a really contaigeous disease.
Like person #1, she talked to everyone else, but not me.

I really don't understand why they had to ignore me like that. It just really hurts to see two friends who you've trusted so much, all of a sudden reject you. They said that I didn't do anything, and that they cared for me.
But if they really did, why act like that?

Sorry to have a sad post like this, guys. But I feel as if I have to tell someone out there.
Why don't I ditch them as friends also? Because I have had too many fun times with them, and they are hard to forget.
I feel.. as if someone has broken up with me xD
If someone's dumped you before, I think you might get the picture the way I'm feeling.


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