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Saturday, March 29, 2008

*--+--* Blue Eyes *--+--*
Music Controls: _^*^_ ChIbI WoRlD _^*^_ (the land Created By Demon Dragon)
Hello friends! *waves*
How are you all? I am somewhat good, somewhat bad. But right now, I feel fine and cheery ^^
Work today was fun, believe it or not. I got to be closer with other girls who worked there. And we were giving out our phone numbers and stuff. Yay, I just feel so social again =P
We were also talking about what we should dress up as at the Social Party. (Since Toys R Us is a toy store, we have to dress up as a toy). I have no idea what I'm gonna dooo! lol
I might consider dressing up as a Disney Princess or something XD That would be interesting....

I have nothing else to say, except that it's cooollldd! I am so glad that I have a little heater in my room ^.^

Who goes on TheO? And who doesn't?


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