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Thursday, March 20, 2008

*--+--* Blue Eyes *--+--*
Music Controls: _^*^_ ChIbI WoRlD _^*^_ (the land Created By Demon Dragon)
Brrr, it's cold! It was only 100 degrees a few days ago! Seriously xD
I didn't feel like posting for a while. Just the slight stress of school work and stuff. Now I just have really strange emotions. I am happy because for my Bio test I got a 96%! It was the highest score, go me, go me!! ^__^
Also today concludes the first school term for me, yay ^^ two weeks of holidays. But with holidays comes holiday homework T_T, it's not THAT much, it's alright I guess.
I may feel happy but I also feel kind of annoyed. One of my friends decided to ignore me ALL day, just because she wasn't invited to my house after school (with another of my close friends) to watch an anime which she doesn't even like that much. What the hell? Gah, I sent her an email, so it should be okay now ^^;;
Besides that, my day went pretty well. I got Easter eggs and lollies form my teachers. Yummy.
Hmm, might as well do all my homework now, to get it out of the way.

Have a good day everyone!

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