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Monday, March 10, 2008

*--+--* Blue Eyes *--+--*
Music Controls: _^*^_ ChIbI WoRlD _^*^_ (the land Created By Demon Dragon)
Hey everyone! Long time no see, huh?
I have been ducking my head in an out of this place to check up with updates for the new TheOtaku. And I have to say one thing about the new Otaku... I don't really like it. It's hard to try and track down friends to add to your worlds and stuff. and yeah! You know what I'm saying, right? Ah well, I need time to figure it out XD There should be an instruction manual to go with the new layout haha.

I haven't been posting because 1. Didn't feel like it and 2. School is taking over my life @_@ So much to do! I have got three tests this week. But luckily it was a public holiday today ^^

Plus I've been working a lot too -_-. You know what was weird!? Well, on Satuday it was my job to answer all the phone calls. Some lady rang me up to ask if we had any marbles. I wasn't sure so I just told her we don't have any. THEN she said that her friends bought marbles from the store yesterday ^^;;;;
It was really weird, she was telling me that I was vague on my answer, even though I told her that we were all sold out! >_<
Then, she asked me for my name and said, "Okay Samantha, if I call tomorrow and find out that you do have marbles in stock, you will be in a lot of trouble."
What the hell is she going to do? Get me fired or something? Yeash lol


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