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omg... I just remembered what I was gonna say... I like drums and play them,and i'm stupid at times o.o -my scanner is skrewed up and i curse alot ...i really try to quit

Monday, February 25, 2008

lolz hi ... ummmm i waz Hidan 4 OtakuTron and the ONLY Hidan ! i feel special xD oh and my cosplay group did a skit called "Ninja of the night" was rele funn and i almost skrewed it up by laughing xD

1)joo cosplay 4 the heck of it? --lots !--
2)u hurt ur self ? ---yes -.-' triped on Akatsuki cloak XD---
3)ever "broke" into a car? ---trying to get in cuz the doors were locked xD---

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Friday, February 15, 2008

should i be sasori or hidan for an otakutron thing this w/e ?

1)fav music-emo/rock-
2)fav # -13 of course lolz-
3)think bob is a kewl name
4) like anyone in a "likeish" way ?
5)good Vday ?-nope i hate Vday...it's more of a Dday 2 meh lolz-


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Thursday, February 14, 2008

i am sooooo boredddddd....so i'm asking questions and taking name lolz nr

1)ummm... rate me 1-5 how emo i am-3-
2) fav pop-root beer!-
3)fav color -black-
4)good day ? -hell yes !-
5)think my real name ish retarded and btw it's Haley lolz -is rele retarded =.='-

oh and the kid -i talked bout on last post- asked me out . should i say yes or no ? =X -lolz. asking peeps on the internet i don't know 4 advice ? that's so original .-

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