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hello as you probably already kno i like deidara and proud to be because i think hes hot and people who say he looks like a girl... well lets just say you dont wanna kno what ill do to you ;) i only say this because a person on my bus calls him a she all the time and i get so mad at him so i constantly have to keep telling him that deidaras a guy every single day that i ride the lame bus >_< ggrrr i hate the bus we have to fit80 people on a bus that can only hold 72 so every single dat im squished and we cant sit in the very back seats because of our stupid bus driver who is like 80 and can barely even see...man... whups im getting like so off track here oh well, well now kno why i hate school... dont even get me started i could probably write 2 pages of stuff and why i hate school so i wont talk about it at all... ever... never..ever.. ok i kno im weird so dont remind me well i think ive talked about myself enough no ok then well add me :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

hey as you guys might already know this is like my 2nd site and its not use very often so if you wanna pm me sometime go to me other site: akatsukilovers10 cuz i use that one alot more and i'm on it like every single day so yeah well thanxs :D

~in my world, Deidara will never be gone. and thats a fact...~

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Monday, December 17, 2007

yeah un!!!
Oh yeah first post un!!!!!!! so coolios un!!!! sorry un im really weird un...O_o
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