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Sunday, November 6, 2005


I just got back from Katie's house...i know im over there every weekend but *shrug*

I'm moving in a month and a half or so.
My mom will stay here but I think I want to go with my dad.
Besies I would rather move closer to the begninning of the year than in April or whenever the house sells.

And my mom is talking about going back to Utah for Xmas and I am ecstatic!
It was either that or Disney World..
and I was more excited about Utah.
Sounds dumb huh?
Well I was never really attracted to amusement parks b/c I hate rollercoasters and i hate sun and i was never really into rides.
The only thing I was excited about going to Seaworld for was swimming with dolphins, but that would be in a big pool and I would feel bad for them b/c zoos and pounds and stuff like that depress me.
And I haven't seen my best friend for 3 years b/c she lives in UT, and I wanted to visit my old teachers from Elem. school and my Intermediate school and all my old friends.
oh my gods I am just so excited b/c I haven't seen some of my best friends in years!!
I really really want to go, it would be the best thing for Xmas.
Oh my gosh I really hope we go...

Oh and the hot Chinese guys who lived above Katie moved out ;__;
I was so sad.
But we'll still go to their restaurant lol. B/c the food there is just that great ^_^


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Friday, November 4, 2005

Algebra = EVIL

Okay my algebra teacher's description, Reader's Digest version:
Chickenshit moronic psycho whore
Now that I have explained that, she took away my 15$ spiked bracelet today.
My friends have spikes on their wtristbands about 2-3 inches long and sharp as hell, okay? THe spikes on this were less than an inch tall and cone-shaped, duller than a pencil.
She lets them wear theirs in her class, but she took mine away today and wouldnt give it back. She said it was a "weapon", I mean come one I have fucking PENCILS sharper than those spikes!!
I was pissed off during her class for doing THAT of course, so everything she did annoyed me all period. So she was assigning us MORE notes after she had just told us to put our notebooks away, so I muttered "Jesuuuusss" under my breath and she sent me out into the hall -__-
So then I didnt get my HW b/c she forgot I was out there or something and didnt let me in. I had to come in when we were switching classes and I told her bascially something like "As far as I'm aware; my friends, who happen to be IN your other classes have gotten away with worse 'weapon-like' bracelets than that and you have SEEN them and not done anything." and i argued with her for about a minute and a half b4 giving up and going to 4th period.
So @ lunch I called my okasan mwahahaha. (irrelevant note: while calling her i saw a paper on the wall in Japanese and stared at the whole time with my eyes like O___O b/c i could read a bunch of the letters XDD)

So then after school my parents came to pick me up, and my dad was wearing his Harley Davidson shirt, his hair was down (he has waist-length hair), and he had his sunglasses on. So to other people he looks intimidating, though I'm used to it.
She wouldn't even converse with him, she just took a look at him and went "let me call the office" or w/e.
Anyway, I didnt get it back...TODAY. But the principal said he'd get it back for me on Monday ^___^

I love getting my way.

So anyway...
my dad is back for the weekend (he is going on numerous business trips until he moves to TN, b/c remember he is moving there b4 my mom and me) and i was supposed to go to Jen/Katie's tonight and the mall w/them tomorrow and then tomorrow NIGHT I was gonna go to a party with Hana-chan.
and TONIGHT I'm supposed to go see Saw 2 with my dad.

oh great.
Now im prolly not going over to Katies b/c she might have the flu.
Shit they have weak immune systems -____-
(im so sensitive 9_9)

Anyway that is it for now, baibai!


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