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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Sport is a force,
That gathers our world.
It makes us so close,
Cause we want to win gold.
But gold does not matter,
Between different nations,
The purpose of sport,
Is to make relations.

Sport is very powerful thing, that helps us to tackle social and health problems. Sport has no limits and has no regardless of sex, age, race or disability, maybe that is why young people like me and others up sports.

Giving people a solid, enjoyable start to sport and physical activity is the way to develop understanding and engender lifelong participation.
But why do sport attracts so many people? Well one of the reasons is that players of all levels of baseball, volleyball, football, tennis...need to excel at throwing, hitting, running, catching and other skills that require a sound training program. Training programs teach us how to make different exercises that would keep us in a good shape and form. But the mane reason why do people take up sport is that it gives opportunity to see the world and to communicate with people from different countries.Sport is one of those things that gather all nations. It has no limints and has no boarders. And to prove that, I would like to shape with you my experience.

I am a sporty girl, a climber. I have been doing that sport for 5 years. I have got used going to training sessions and it has became for me the same as going to school. So the last summer we took part in a competitions here in Klaipeda and we won a trip to Latvia. So my team, me and my coach we all went to Latvia absolutely for free. But not only we were invited to Latvia, but also climbers from other European countries. In Latvia we stayed 4 days. 2 days we had competition, where we took 3 place and other 2 days all climbers were invited for a trip around Latvia. When we came home we did not know what to tell first to our parents, because we spent a great time there. We met a lot of new friends frome Latvia, Estonia, Russia. We saw Latvian culture and many beautiful places. It was a great trip. I thing I will never forgot it. And next summer we are going to Estonia.

So now you can see that sport is a great thing. But of course not only climbing attracts so many people. Have you ever seen a football match, a tennis game or other different games? Can you notice how many people from around the world just come to see their favourite sportsmen. We can see so many fans from different countries, that go together to a football match or somewhere else. And they do not care what nationality you have, they just know that they all come here to see the game and support their favourite players. But the biggest event that attracts the biggest amount of viewers and fans is Olympic games. 5 interlocking rings of the Olympic flag symbolize the uniting of all 5 continents participating in the games. We can not say exactly how many people watch those games, because there are many fans that come to a city to see Olympics and much more fans watch games on TV. But that does not change nothing, it is obvious that sport is like a simbol of union between different countries. Sporting activities help in difficult situations and to live in peace and hormony like one big family.

To sum up I just want to say that sport is everything for me. It is a part of my daily life and a source of communication. And if you want to make friends, if you want to be healthy and if you just want to have fun you should take up sports. So I wish a sporting, healthy and friendly future to all of you.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I really don't know what to post now.........^_^

Love story

She lived a lonely life.Worked in library.Her destiny was like a sizers,cufting all the relationship between her and men She started to like!She thoght this circle will never end until she met him.He was a lyer having a miedle life.He had so many women that forgot
how to look at them as persons!But thenew librarian girl inshiered him in doing good things first helooked at her as a beautiful human with a beaytifulsoul(she wasn't prity at all becides she never knew how to dress and do the make up.And shealso was clusuly as a monkey.)And she felt herself beautiful and protected near him.Ofcouse!He encouraged her to write poems,what she did very well.But love is never that happy.The guy sat in prison for 3 years for steeling.In fact he steeled for her.That was dissopointed so much that she started using drugs and she was addicted.But money was so nesserary for her that she started to sell herself.And the durt of the street fludoted her -she didn't even noticed thatWhen he found out about it siting in prison decided to work fof insert her in helph senter.And when 3 years passtedhe put her in that center then she was ild she anderstood that she was selfish and she write him a note :"and we will always be toogether and my love is wiht yuo !Apologise for beeing so selfish...
And the next day he noticed a ticket in Australia in the his box.She decided to start everything frim the begining only in other place.To ashure him her true feelings!!!
So they flighted in Australia and never come back.From now nobody blamed for doing something wrong.It is just the way it is : And I deny the fact that the story is boring just that it hides the biggest meaning

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Friday, March 19, 2004


Todays day at school!

Today I had only 2 lesons because I and Ryu didn't wanted to go to litreture and math!So we now siting in Ryu home...^_^

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