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hi,im deathangel104! I love anime. my favs are yugioh inuyasha and fullmetal alcemist.i love to draw and wright stories.my favorite chahaters are: seto, atem, inuyasha, sesshomaru, koga, and ed. i also have an account on fanart central and have posted my pictures on many other site.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

   James Delaney 1990 - 2005
A Hicksville teenager died Thursday morning from injuries he suffered Wednesday night when he was struck by a car, Nassau police and relatives said.

James Delaney, 14, who would have turned 15 on Saturday, was riding his bicycle home from football practice when the accident happened at 8:32 p.m., friends and relatives said.
The force of the impact hurled Delaney into the air and onto the windshield of the 2001 Lexus, Nassau police said.

Delaney had been pedaling his bike into the intersection of Newbridge and Elmira roads in Hicksville at the same time James Lombardo, 35, of Levittown, was proceeding through the green light, police said. Police said Lombardo was not charged in the crash, but investigators impounded his car to perform routine safety tests, Homicide Det. Sgt. Richard Laursen said.

There was "no indication was wearing a helmet," Laursen said.

Delaney was pronounced dead at 7:15 a.m. Thursday at Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow.

A woman answering Lombardo's telephone Thursday said he wasn't home.

Delaney's parents, James and Susan Delaney, declined to comment after returning home from making funeral arrangements Thursday afternoon.

Standing across the street from the Delaney home, Robby Dieckmann, 12, was eager to talk about his buddy. Together the two searched for bugs, wrestled and played video games.

"I'll just miss him being there, knowing he's across the street," Robby said.

Delaney was one of three siblings and the only boy. He had two sisters, Alison, 18, and Kelly, 11.

He attended Holy Trinity Diocesan High School in Hicksville, where he was on the wrestling team, neighbor Emile Phelisse said.

Phelisse, 74, also said James had just joined the school's football team.

"He was a heck of a nice kid," he said.

Robby's father, Bob Dieckmann, described James as a skilled athlete and a well-mannered boy who was "big for his age."

Despite being bigger than most kids his age, James never picked a fight and was especially nice to his friends, Robby said.

"We understood each other and never argued," he said.

this poor teen went to my school and is about my age i feel soo bad about this. bless his soul. may he resy in peace.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

  well i just got back from my vacation. a week at my friends house in upstate new york then a another week in lake george. now im home and it sucks. im grounded. pluse i got a cold from swimming and then going in a cold room.
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Sunday, June 26, 2005

ok thats just a little scary
ok on friday i went to six flags in new jersey. i was supost to go on the kingda ka. the fastest, tallest roller coaster in the world, but it was closed. the reason why..well from what i heard thier were a couple of reasons.1.people were getting windburn.2. parts were falling off of the track and train, and 3. the creepy part, the test dummies heads were falling off.creepy. i want my head. i think i'll just stay with the nitro and the other roller coasters.

^ thats the kingda ka its 456 ft tall and goes 128 mph in 3.3 seconds.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

haha! im finally done with school. eeee cant wait till friday..six flags! too bad kingda ka is closed.:( oh and laurens party on saturday,funfun. hopefully this summer i can draw more.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Some days we all let go and hope for better days
Sometimes we all run home and try to hide away
Some hopes we all cling to, tight, a lifeline in the mist
Some dreams were never meant to be, and so cease to exist
Some days we all consent it's better to go on
Sometimes we all agree it's best for certain things to end
some dreams were never meant to be, and so cease to exist
but realize, my lovely one, I can no longer live like this
And please try to understand, I don't like to make you cry
But in a thousand years I could never tell you why
Why we fell apart, and why I still love you so
And why this is making me break inside by my own accord
Because some days we all let go and hope for better days
And sometimes we all run home and try to hide away
Some hopes we all cling to, tight, a lifeline in the mist
Some dreams were never meant to be, and so cease to exist

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