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Monday, March 31, 2008

Anime recommendations

Anyone want to help me out and give me some good recommendations for anime? I'm trying to find more anime to watch with Emry. He's into darker, mature themed anime, so anything that's potentially "dark-ish" will do, but I will take any recommendation for good anime.

So far, he's watched (and liked) [Finished|Not finished]:
Darker than BLACK
Trinity Blood
Gravitation (Yeah, I know, wtf? right? lol. He's in it for the humor and the characters, not the guy/guy, haha.)
Devil May Cry (He likes the games, so we're going to finish watching the anime even though he finds it so-so.)
Black Cat

What I'm going to make him watch soon:
Cowboy Bebop
Fullmetal Alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion (if I can convince him--he doesn't like the art style from what he's seen, but I'm hoping he'll learn to ignore it and just accept the fact that it's old, hah.)
Samurai Champloo
Ghost in the Shell (probably just the television series, not the films)

He doesn't like mecha too much (although, neither do I), so almost anything involving that is out of the question.


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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Essays? Pshaw.

My college English class (English 100) has made me realize that I actually do enjoy composing essays -- all it takes is finding a subject that interests me.

I bring this up because last year, in my English 4 class (a supposed prep class for writing essays in college), I loathed writing essays. I mostly attributed it to a shitty work environment (an abysmal high school computer lab with a bunch of rowdy high schoolers is not an adequate essay writing environment) and lack of interest in writing essays (me being more toward creative fiction), but now I realize it was merely a lack of interest in the assigned essay topics. I can't write a well-written, thought out essay on a topic I have virtually no concern over, and unless the topic manages to grab my attention in some way through research, my essay will be bland and lacking in substance.

The only time I actually wrote an essay that I both enjoyed writing and researching (and received full marks on) was when we were allowed to choose our own topic. We had to choose something that had changed the world, and I deliberated for probably three days or so before finally deciding on nuclear weapons/warfare. Researching for the essay was a lot of fun and I learned a fair amount.

Which brings me back to why I love English 100. No assigned essay topics -- it's like a dream come true.

We've done two of a prospected seven essays and are currently working on our third (first draft due Monday) and so far I've managed to come up with topics to write about that involve my interests and help keep me inspired.

First essay (reflection): Trip to Ludington over the summer.
Second essay (informative): How computers become infected with malware
Third essay (analysis): Why American studios edit anime (current essay)

It's unfortunate that my professor is currently swamped with work (she teaches English 100, plus high school Writing Basics and Spanish 1 through 4, and college Spanish) and because of that I still don't know how I did on either of my first two essays. All I know from speaking with her is that my first essay was fabulous and a wonderful break from the usual first essays she sees.

And even though I'm really happy with how I'm doing with my first college class (I have around a 95%), adding that to my high school workload and pressuring myself to write everyday (and, at this time, participating in NaNoWriMo) plus thinking about the fact that I'm a Junior now and next year I'll be a Senior and then I'll be in college and off on my own... it's really stressful and, for the latter, frightening.

NaNoWriMo's only four days in and I've already failed miserably. I don't even have the word count I was supposed to have for the first day yet, let alone for the past three. I'll maybe have a third or a half of the final word count by the time I'm done, but regardless of how many words I've got by the end of NaNoWriMo this year, I'll keep writing in the novel until it's finished. I honestly have a different force of will with writing this year than I did last year. Maybe it's just the fact that I won't be in high school or a teenager for all that much longer or just the heartening encouragement I constantly get from Emry and Xio, but no matter how I'm feeling or whether I'm inspired or not, a sentence a day is not just my goal, but my requirement before I even allow myself the thought of sleep.

While feeling good about my writing progress, I'm having nothing but conflicting feelings about myself as of late and it's continuing to add to my stress. I feel better about myself in some areas through Emry's assurances, but there are certain things he just can't help with, because I feel like so much shit about them.

But this post has turned from a ramble about essay writing to a ramble about myself (far from what I intended with this post, but it's nice to vent anyway) and now I require some sleep so I can get up in the morning...


Music for the mind:
"The Presidents" by Jonathan Coulton http://www.sendspace.com/file/lio4cs

"Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton

"Shop Vac" by Jonathan Coulton

"Creepy Doll" by Jonathan Coulton

Like? Check out his website.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm torn into pieces / You threw every piece into a fire

Having DSL is very nice. If only for the convenience of late night fact checking whilst writing. Ha ha.

Anyway, besides my muse finally deciding I'm worthy of her companionship once again, in recent news I have been:
  • Playing Half-Life 2 and Portal (via The Orange Box) on X-Box 360. I've already completed the main "storyline" for Portal and I'm just working on the bonus mission modes and I'll be done with Half-Life 2 fairly soon (on my way to Nova Prospect). After that, I'll move on to Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Episode 2, and then, at some point I'll finish playing through Halo 3 on Heroic and Legendary. I'm a little more than halfway through Halo 3 on Heroic and while I lack faith in my skillz (yes, skillz with a "z"), Emry says that, in certain areas, I'm better than him and should at least try. So I shall.
  • Reading The Stand by Stephen King at school. I started it in September and I am at about page 600 of 1200. I figure I'll have it done within the next month or so.
  • Writing, as of yesterday. If I keep up this "good feeling" I've got about the writing, I might actually finish Inure (fanfiction I've been writing on and off for the past two years now). And if I do, I hope there's some cake* for me or something.
  • Planning on participating in NaNoWriMo, although I'll undoubtedly fail, just like last year. However, I have more hope for this year, as the story I'm planning on writing is one that I'm really fond of at the moment and am extremely eager to write, but I know that, rather than start it now, it'd be better saved as this year's NaNoWriMo project.

    Not much else. *shrug* Life's pretty boring and about the only things I've got to look forward to (or at least in one case) are my dentist appointment in November (yay cavities! /sarcasm) and Emry and I's one-year anniversary (December 15). And speaking of which, I should probably ask him at some point what we plan on doing, if anything. We might just decide to try and have a quiet evening alone together.

    Well, back to writing.


    *Reference to Portal. GLaDOS, the AI speaking to you throughout the entirement of the game, is constantly promising cake should the character make it through all of the tests alive.
    But there's no sense crying over every mistake
    You just keep on trying until you run out of cake

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    Sunday, October 7, 2007

    But I don't want to be dead! I want to be alive!...Or a cowboy.

    I still live. It's quite the feat, if I do say so myself.

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    Saturday, December 23, 2006

    I neglect thy myOtaku so.

    Life rundown:
    - High speed internet! :D
    - Boyfriend! <3
    - Myspace! http://www.myspace.com/fireofunknownorigin
    - Stuff!
    - Things!

    That is all.

    Merry (early) Christmas to ye all and such. And happy New Year.

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    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    And what is 'right now' in doctor talk?

    I'm fifteen today.


    And I've got over 4,000 visits! :D

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    Saturday, August 12, 2006

    Stolen from a couple peeps on Livejournal.

    Playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of the next twenty songs that play.

    Fun for all you. Four songs in Japanese, one in Romanian and two or three that are bit obscure. I love my varied and weird tastes <3

    01 "Parade" by CHABA (guessed by clex_monkie89)
    kaze ga fuite ara
    itai kienai omoi
    nani omote koka
    atsumete hitotsu

    I'd like to introduce
    In your
    In your
    In your sound institute of invention
    And revival of audio weapon systems.

    03 "DARE" by Gorillaz (guessed by John)
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's coming up
    It's DARE

    04 "Kill You" by Eminem (guessed by clex_monkie89)
    When I was just a little baby boy,
    my momma used to tell me these crazy things
    She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man,
    she used to tell me he hated me

    Ha o kuishibari nintai
    Muri ni waratte nintai
    Kore ga shinobi no ikizama (kibishii tte ba yo)

    Yeah, we better turn tha bass up on this one
    Check it, since 1516 minds attacked and overseen
    Now crawl amidst the ruins of this empty dream
    Wit their borders and boots on top of us

    There's an old man on a city bus
    Holding a candy cane
    And it isn't even christmas
    He see's a note in the obituary
    That his last friend has died

    Theres times in my life where I just
    I just wanna run away, I just
    I just wish the pain would stop
    I dont wanna cry no more
    I wish the pain would go away

    Six-thirty comes
    Like a call to arms
    Five alarms are sounding
    The covers are confused

    It'll take much more than water
    To fix my hot pink, distorted face

    Watch your mouth
    Your speech is slurred enough
    That you just might swallow your tongue
    You'd want to give up the ghost
    With just a little more poise than that

    OK, I'm going to attempt to drown myself
    You can try this at home
    You can be just like me!

    I build you up
    But if ever I fall down
    And I need you to pick me up
    Promise me you'll be around
    Hold me down
    I'll build you up

    Do as I say not as I do because
    The shit's so deep you can't run away
    I beg to differ on the contrary
    I agree with every word that you say

    You are my instigator
    You are my aggravator
    You are my space invader
    Cautionary warning
    I propose

    16 "Idioteque" by Radiohead (guessed by Shinmaru)
    Who's in bunker, who's in bunker?
    Women and children first
    Women and children first
    Women and children
    I'll laugh until my head comes off
    I swallow till I burst

    17 "Beetlebum" by Blur (guessed by John)
    What you done
    Shes a gun
    Now what youve done

    dare datte shippai wa suru nda
    hazukashii koto janai
    kono kizu o muda ni shinai de
    waratte arukereba ii

    19 "Viva Rock" by ORANGE RANGE (guessed by kissface)
    Have you ever heard of the orange range?
    (ORENJI RENJI wo shitteru kai)
    Don't tell your mama or she'll think you're insane
    (kaa-chan-tachi ni wa naishou dazo)

    20 "Inner Universe" by Yoko Kanno (guessed by steralizetheemo)
    Angely i demony kruzhili nado mnoj
    Rassekali ternii i mlechnye puti
    Ne znaet schast'ya tol'ko tot,
    Kto ego zova ponyat' ne smog


    Nothin' else to update with. Live with it.


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    Saturday, July 8, 2006

    Still alive.

    Yep. Just doing July stuff.

    And by July stuff I mean, "annual friends list clean-out."

    Yeah. Every July I'm going to be cleaning out my friends list here. If you haven't updated in at least 8 months (around December of last year), I'm probably going to delete you.

    Other criteria include if I ever visit your site for updates and whether or not your site layout kills my internets.

    And in other news.. If you have a blog hosted on its own site, I'm going around collecting the links again and adding Live Bookmark feeds, if you have one -- most of them do, so that's awesome. And if yours doesn't...I'll live and try and visit it at least once a week.

    Hm. Nothing interesting to mention really. Uh, didn't do much for the fourth of July, just went to my Grandpa Richard's house and hung out for about an hour and a half. Went home. Got on the internet. And that's about it.

    Going camping on the 15th for a couple days with my cousin and her family. Can't wait for that because I'm planning a Prison Break and Supernatural marathon. My cousin has to at least watch the pilot episodes for both, because, I mean, come on. Who doesn't want to watch teh pretty Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell and Robert Knepper and Amaury Nolasco and Peter Stormare? Or Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles?

    Yeah. No one can resist. Even straight guys :P

    Well, I think I'm going to go turn some fans on or something. It's kind of hot. And maybe find something to eat.


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    Friday, June 23, 2006

    I'm alive!

    And I bring fanart! :D


    I don't particularly like it, but it looks a lot better than it did before I pissed around with it in Paintshop.

    Um.. hm. My other endeavors as of late has really only consisted of writing fanfiction and watching Supernatural.

    But I did do something extremely constructive last night :D Under the effects of my usual insomnia, I redesigned RK-Fansite from the ground up. Click the link and go look at teh pretty!


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    Tuesday, June 6, 2006

    Happy birthday Revolver Ocelot Liquid Ocelot Revolver Ocelot!

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